Monday, March 21, 2011

Tuesday Anew

Anew, it's true.
Alive, it's true.
So much to be thankful for.

The Homeschool began with Art
cooperative of a get well card for
Papa Randy and a thank you for
Miss Charlotte.

foam paper with sticky back + 2 children whom
can write legibly = fold-out card!
And some pirate earrings, of course!

Getting his share of the fun,
Mascot tries out the glue stick.

Continuing in Art, President's Day celebration takes over...

Sporting them during Computer, both Student and Warrior thought it was
a cool fashion accessory.

As for Mascot, he has really been spending time alone designing, connecting,
and running the campus down with trains.

And Student wasn't about to stop her run-on with Art,
as she stitched some on her owl project,
and used the beads from Miss Beki
to create a ribbon necklace.

Warrior finished up his Reading with some Army Math.

Somebody stop the fun, already!
What a blessing to learn at the Homeschool.

Monday School

Warrior has been working with his hands for quite a while for manipulatives in Mathematics.
Today, is a transition to shapes.

Reading aloud with quite careful elocution,
Student presented the Psalms to the Homeschool.

Onto Current Events,
Student reads from the news page at Klove.

Catching some simple experiments up with GRAVITY force tests,
Student gathered an array of objects to test...

And reading up on Health, Student always enjoys the comic strips.

And Mascot? Well, he's getting his share of time as Baby Spider...

Blessings of knowing the souls of Heaven's treasures.
These children are no strangers.
Guests that we are keeping and caring for
until He returns.

Friday School

Or lack thereof.

Oh, death, where is your sting?
Oh, Hell, where is your victory?

This, too, shall pass, and health shall
be restored in the name of JESUS. Amen.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thursday Helper

As God went before Teacher and arranged the order
of appearance of the children into this family,
it is obvious He knew what He was doing.

Student aided Warrior in his lessons and chores today.
She is even the one with a fever, but that's not
stopping her from her love: teaching.
Teacher could learn a thing or two from her
determination. Thanks, God.

Wednesday Wonders

Because this world is fallen,
and evil abounds,
sickness strikes all.

Today it is true for the Homeschool,
and there are no classes today.

Tuesday Transformation

Beginning with fog and dribbles of
leftover snow, the Student perched
and breathed in the morning air.

The Homeschool is daily counting down the days until Spring Break.
Vacation here we come!

Not before seatwork, of course!

Warrior is becoming more fluid in his reading, and for the first
time, read from a non-lesson book. He wasn't sure he could read a
book, but alas, he did!

Meanwhile, the sun became exposed and Mascot sat for some Thomas the Train.

Escaping for a picnic and outdoor bridge-walk with Grandmother,
the Homeschool made good use of the sunshine.

With Praise to the One who created the sun,
we thank Him for bringing the warmth to our lives on earth today.

Make a Difference Monday

Making quick work of morning lessons,
the Homeschool finished up with time enough to visit
Great Papa Marshall before naptime.

Cursive Review...

Flag pledges...

Bible Reading...

Dreams of Art...

New Reading blends..

Off campus and onto the bicycles went we.

Newly transferred into fulltime-living at the home,
Great Papa was in physical therapy upon arrival
so Warrior ans Student quickly put their arms to work, too!

Pushing Great Papa's wheel chair and owning the home,
Warrior wanted to take a break to birdwatch.

And, of course taking an outdoor break for romp-time,
God blessed the weather and the safety of the children.

Friday School

Choosing their fav activities
to finish up a snowy work week,
Warrior Read through to the finish so he could have
Computer time.

Student had some instructional drawing time with Principal
on depth and human faces. Both her choice of work.

As that was not all Principal was up to today
at the Homeschool...

He shared an ice DART with Mascot.
Then upon Mascot's vocal excitement,
Warrior appeared to inspect the cause.

Thank you Lord of Lords,
You brought another week
and have ended another week.
We eagerly await your return,
but keep striving to do the work You have
for us until we see You arriving in the clouds.

Thursday Treat

Taking a break from the books,
the Homeschool took to the fresh snow
to create a treat.

Student copied the recipe.
Warrior scooped just the right amount of freshly fallen snow.
Teacher poured in the almond milk and vanilla.

Student & Warrior voted that it wasn't sweet enough
and added a packet of hot chocolate.

Thursday treat, indeed!

Wednesday Holiday Prep

Getting ready to share the love...

Warrior was thinking and creating simultaneously.
His yellow is God's light shining into black sin.
Yes, it's Valentine's Day that's is approaching and preparing to create cards...
Teacher LOVES that Warrior was
thinking of the eternal love.

Texture rubbings underway...

Mascot's cute posing included...

And, to the post office we go!
Sharing a love that reigns eternal,
through the texture of doilies
and brightness of Crayola.

Life is good.
We serve a good God.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tuesday Snow

How best to start a snowy morning when most local schools have canceled?

Breakfast with Principal.

And fulfilling the dreams of a girl and her desire for her doll:
The Making of Rebecca's church dress.

And sending Mascot into space, even though the clouds created a difficult launch...

And because God has given the opportunity to NOT have school when the day arises with other duties and blessings, the choice was to continue our learning on this, a snow day.

Even though others wanted to sew straight through the day, we tried to remind ourselves to do everything without complaining, but sometimes faces showed it...

Sit-ups and stretches in P.E. have become a group activity, as Mascot tries his hand at them.

And also taking a hand from Student and Warrior, he accomplishes 5 sit-ups!

The Homeschool was determined to find something to use as a weight for our marching through the orchard game, but resolved not to use Mascot's recommendation of an apple sauce jar.

Contiuing Cursive visual recognition and Writing for Warrior, the 26 letter-long journey is only 6 letters along.

Taking time also for snowday gaming, Warrior continues his latest love of crazy eight cards.

God is good, so good to us. May He grant that these children would learn responsibility, for each should carry his own load. Galatians 6:5 Teacher soooo could have stayed ikn bed, but may He bless our work, all the work of our hands, indeed. Amen.