Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Protest



Inside that is, the days of March
are upon the Homeschool.

Seatwork is so timely finished when there
is a reward waiting outside the window!

Yes, sunshine is a reward so cherished...
but Student's NEW..BIG bike awaited her!

Along with a surprise visit from Principal, the morning
was blessed with unity.

Warrior is no stranger to cycling, either.
As he zoooooms here and there,
the camera keeps track of him.

And when the great outdoors isn't enough to fill their bellies,
they wander in for food!

Student prepares breadsticks for supper during Warrior's naptime.

And rise they do, just as the sun did by the
direction of the Creator today.
My of my, what a wonderful day!

Wednesday Dirt

When sickness arises, The Homeschool calls for a Halfie
and instructs in bed when capable...

Student tromped down the stairs to take refuge in Teacher's bed. AKA: sick bed.

Reading aloud some hymn history, Rebecca and Student vetoed other
subjects for the Halfie, so it was a slow day.

Others find the energy to get into the dirt and clean...

Learning necessary flushing skills while he is at it...
Mascot gets to work in the bathroom.

And why not put things back in their correct places?
That he did.
Clean up in the bathroom was a FIRST for him,
and it was a success.

Where IS that Warrior, anyhow?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday Anew

Anew and outside!

After breakfast with a fellow student, Student joined in on the brightness.

Hop on Pop...or whatever word one reads.

Warrior got a hang of this game in no time!

Don't count Mascot out, yet...he gets to cut out the READ part,
but follow through with the WALK part!

And Warrior knows just when recess begins...

Student shed new light on a review continent quiz.

Yes, she kows which state Anna Maria Horner lives in!

And, Student also knows when it is time to say when...

Though she dearly loves Math and Mr. Clock, the day is reserved now for play!

Monday School

Beginning the morning with thanks,
the Homeschool brings praise
and honor
to the King of Kings.

And who is to say we cannot do all things for His glory?
He just may get a kick out of jumping rope!
Can't wait to get to Heaven and figure out how to

And for less movement of the physical,
but much of the mental...

Warrior and Student have fallen for the battle of checkers.
The good sports that they are,
makes it all the easier for the afternoon to pass
as Teacher works on other things.

And when Mascot finds himself ready for nap,
a cuddly book reading is in store.

There's no substitute for a wee one on campus.
This Mascot is growing, indeed...
growing each of us into more patient
and loving souls along the way!

Thank you, Father above, for Your
blessings of people, presence
and property. Amen.

Friday Few

More than a few.

Kids playing, laughing,
and eating.

Student let this sweet Bella off of her hip JUST for a picture!


We ventured for the start of a new Bible Study: Revelation.

And then the day happened.
Away from campus nearly all day long.
And then the night approached.
Home again, home again,
for this we are thankful.

Thursday Together


That which we build.

That which we read.

That which we discover.

That which we mess up.

That which we explore.

That which we re-think.

We do together.

Wednesday Wonders

Plain & simply miraculous: sunshine!

Oh the things that can be accomplished in the gleam of heaven upon the earth!

Raking COULD have been one of those things...but alas, Reading
came first on Student's list of to-do's.

Reading with and without Warrior, they each her favorite things.

And among those favorite things,
the accomplishment of all seatwork so Art can occur.

A paper pirate.

Oh, Lord, establish the work of our hands, yes,
establish it so that we may conquer the world. Amen.