Monday, September 27, 2010

Final Friday

In the words of James 1:27

True religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

At the Homeschool, the attempt to focus on the practice of this true religion comes on Final Friday of each month.

Down the street to sweet Miss Margaret's home, rolled the Homeschool parade!

This colorful card and caramel apple wrapped in sunflower paper were delivered with love. Student and Warrior colored her day with true religion, as she colored ours with kindness. Everything else on Friday seemed to be not-so-full of life! Really, since Miss Margaret turned 90 this past summer, she really knows how to work those spiritual gifts,
and she is a BIG BLESSING to all of those around her.

Prize fishing on Fridays, both kiddos were able to catch a glow-in-the-dark outer space puzzle of 100 pieces each. Student was determined to get it together and matte it asap...and so she did!

Student also jumped right into the teaching role as she assisted Warrior with his counting. These repetitive exercises have only proven tiresome for Teacher, thus far. Warrior just keeps on chipping away and his brain keeps soaking it up! Praise God for boys who sit and learn for 20 minutes at a time!

Switching library day to Friday this week, Mascot tried out his newly acquired walking skills at the play area. Right past the fence and in with the chickens...that boy is unstoppable!

Welcome Autumn!

Thursday marked a new season from the Lord.

Autumn has arrived, and so have the friends,
tie-dyed shirts,
and caramel apples!


In between projects, theys ran wild!

And the Homeschool turned THIS...

into THIS...

Well, all except the wee one Evan, we kept him from turning colors!

Wednesday Downtime

No camera.

No schedule.

No assigned books.

All up to Student & Warrior, the days events progressed.

After yesterday's event from Student, after Teacher lost patience, Principal interceded and requested for Student to be able to ask for a 5 minute break when she is feeling frustrated with her work. This will be put into action beginning tomorrow, because today is
activity, or song the kiddos request.

No school.

Captian Tuesday

Really, so much happens in a DAY...a DAY is like a 1000 years to us, but to God...the opposite is true! Teacher sees the potential each new morning, for a busy schedule, and finds herself trying to do it ALL!
NEWSFLASH to the Homeschool:
This is the day the Lord has made, even IF Student posts an angry-eye-brow drawing with NO MOMS ALLOWED on her door...

It was JUST handwriting...that's all...according to Teacher. But for Student who sees little value in handwriting, but loves to create, she would rather write a poem with her mouth and record it with her iPod. But, alas, the things we do NOT love, will appear and we must learn not to detour from the path which God has called us to, just because what we do NOT love is among us.

Her poem as follows:
I pulled my tooth!
Today I wake up with all my teeth,
but I will go to n
bed missing one!
Was it a thief
no it was me
I wiggled, and pulled and bled, I am done!

It was God who refocused the Homeschool on teeth both on paper AND in Student's mouth! Health taught both Warrior and Student the importance of maintaining teeth health, and promoting strong teeth with good food choices.

Student didn't keep herself upset, she opted to complete her work so her hands could continue their delight in handwork. Onto the mermaid, her ocean scene is growing!

Warrior on the other hand, was sure that Student wanted to play. So they did a little of that between lessons, too. And Mascot appreciated their sharing capabilities.

Warrior expanded his Handwriting to connect the letters to words to sentences. We keep reminding him that numbers can't spell because they don't have a phonetic sound. And he's getting it, and asking MANY questions! Eager beaver!

Reading the latest score from the local library, Captain Raptor brought new and exciting vocab to Warrior's life! It's all about rhetoric...and the comic book layout, of course.

this is the story of how dinosaurs loaded up their spaceship to check out the humans that landed on their moon. Good stuff!

Day by day, oh Lord. May these children color their ways
with your love and wisdom each day. Amen.

Monday, September 20, 2010


It was true and now it's almost over!
The weeks are passing and the Homeschool is traveling through
under the shadow of His caring wings.

Student's steadfastness in her devotional time is growing. Warrior, however, is really four. When instructed on the importance of time with God, he said I HATE IMPORTANT THINGS! Yes, he knows we only HATE evil, but again, his four-dome shines through, and Teacher relates!

Bible studies remain in Genesis and have progressed to the tower of Babel in ch 10 & 11. Warrior completed his seatwork on the subject, with added alphabet flair, and Student drew her version of the tower.

She talked of gems, gold, and ivory. All used selfishly, as earthly treasures on the tower for personal glory, instead of God's. Her detail was amazing. That artist is blooming!

She compelted her second speed drill and test set today. Her fastest speed drill was the final of four at 32 seconds! And her test was a 100%. Really, educating at home is such a blessing to teach to mastery. Oh to eliminate the frustrations of students that DON'T get it and the teacher HAS to move on, due to state regs of covering so much material, and 25 OTHER students who may be ready to do so...that was the story of Teacher's student experience...usually the LAST one to GET it!

Off the shelf came the BOOKBAG. These beginner reader books are for Teacher's worktime. Taking care of the Homeschool's nest and cooking and such, the kiddos gather together and listen and point to the words. Student LOVES, double, L-O-V-E-S to read, (as she just finished James and the Giant Peach in 2 days) and will even do so to help a superhero out!

Another love of Student's is fabric! This was a welcome addition to her Spelling studies, today. Using her finger, she would spell each word on her current list and earn the new prize of the day...

Just ask Warrior about the new prize, the substitution for chocolate chips that are the usual motivation to get through seatwork...REESE'S PIECES...

However, Warrior decided he would rather stick with chicky chops...he means chocolate chips.

And, to finish the daily work of a superhero, Alpha matching completed the day at the Homeschool.

Friday Field Trip

How many school days in a week?!

Well, the Homeschool just can't thank God enough
for the gorgeous weatherm so to the zoo it was!

Fridays are for Fall field trips!

From feeding chickens...

and ducks...

to petting sheep...

and observing the quiet and still sunbathing tortoise...

the Homeschool felt the presence of God in all the creations present.

Student even noted the difference NOT noted by the exhibit comparing reptiles to humans...
ONLY one has a soul...

Warrior kept up with his Phonics skills...

While Mascot fed his kitty addiction!

Thanks be to God for the weather and the cooperation that all worked together for good on a Fall Friday field trip! Amen.

Thursday First

First morning ride of the season WITH jackets! Well, jackets, pants, and shoes for most...

Returning for morning snack and Bible, the Homeschool continues in Genesis! Oh, no clue what's in Genesis! No problem, there is help! The Fabulous Bentley Brothers have helped tie up any loose ends in the Homeschool study of Genesis! Thanks, Jelly Telly.

Health continued for Warrior with the introduction of head lice. Really, we completely overlooked the lack of such pestilence when we made our thankful list for Homeschooling. Definitely HAVE to add that to the list!

Teacher: Why should we NOT share hairbrushes.
Warrior: Your hair can get stuck in it! Then, it's dirty.

In comes the SCRITCH SCRATCH book from Principal to illustrate the head lice life. LOVE THIS BOOK! Again, a purchase made loooong before the Homeschool began it's journey, thus, it is seen that God continually goes before us!

Reading in goos company, Student escaped up to her room to begin her adventure in James and the Giant Peach. Her journal entry:
James is the main character. Not yet sure of the plot. Setting is on a hill where it's kind of cold and not so pretty, maybe England. Antagonist is Spike and Sponge the mean aunties. The big bugs are neat.

Science closed up the posture section for Student. She has moved on to the muscle system. Warrior, is moving on as well. He has developed the SAME independence of Student and pays no attention to waiting for Teacher's help...instructions can be so slow, when waiting on Mascot to stop his fit. So, Warrior finished his first complete self-lead alphabet!

And what brings more smiles to the Homeschool, than togetherness.

Father in heaven, thank you for our days together as a family. We sometimes wonder if the children will grow tired of such times, then you remind us that YOU have placed us together for the greater goal of your kingdom's work. May we keep our eyes fixed on you and love one another in the process. Amen.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Wednesday Hospitality

And isn't it true when one thinks they are out to bless another, they get a blessings themselves. Oft larger than one can recognize, and longer-lasting than ever imagined.

This was true of the Hoemschol's hospitality offering today,
as we received more blessings than we gave. Even so, for Larry Boy sitting on the sidelines awaiting his call for help!

Experiences in this world are always used and spent in thorough ways,
as God wastes not in His economy. Through the unexpected death of a family member of friends, the Homeschool offered a day of hospitality and received a day of...

Helpful hands...

Creative Cooperation...

Just for the record, YES, duct-tape jewelry is a FINE impromptu Art lesson!

Collaborative Efforts...

Even in the bathroom, they all figured out a way to be together!

With only a few hours together, the Homeschool was thoroughly blessed by the presence of the twins and their big sis. It was the evening that brought reminiscing of the day's affair along with a mouthful of Student's gluten free butterscotch chocolate chip cookies. Mmm, mmm good. God knows how to sweeten our days in more ways than one. Thanks, Lord.

Tuesday News

Morning Games. Really. Warrior is grown enough to ask Teacher to play, and then set it all up himself. What a guy! It's the getting on a shirt that he has no motivation for.

Continuing with a theme of color, Art brought Warrior and Student to disect an experiment of MIXING COLORS>

Constructing a Primary and Secondary color wheel display, they practiced using a straight edge to complete each.

Student's day continued after Bible with Warrior:
and Math that brought a colorful new manipulitive...because
A TOOL IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT...Teacher's Art instructor used to say.

Also creating a family birthday chart, Student picked a colorful and personal sticker for each representation of our family. Thanks to Auntie Ang and her 500 sticker book featuring HELLO KITTY, there was no shortage on stickers! God knows our needs before we ask, and He never leaves us begging bread...or stickers!

Monday Inspiration

Beginning the day as the start of a week God's grace will bring each through to finish the good work He has begun, until the day Christ Jesus comes. That is what is known at the Homeschool. What is NOT known, is how often God brings others to our area to speak and give Him glory amidst their good work, and tell their story.

Student and Teacher began the tasks at hand, with their eyes on their evening field trip. Traveling to the local metropolis to hear the story of Immaculee Ilibagiza.

Warrior, on the other hand, used his legs to peddle as fast as ever, toprepare himself to sit and continue his studies!

Phonics has entered a new level, as he is sounding the beginning, middle and ending of each word, but also putting his drawing skills to work...DAD HAD HAM. What fun, as he begins every drawing with a little hesitation and says I'll do my best...

Continuing in Health, Warrior had not a problem relating to the importance of hand-washing. He just wondered why the boy in the picture still had a dirty face...

In the soft and sweet Autumn air, the side porch proved the perfect learning environment to finish Warrior's work for the day.

It was Student's choice to stay indoors at the Homeschool. She completed her studies with her posture unit in Health. Balancing a book both standing and sitting, she's getting the tactile example so well!

And when the evening came, off went Teacher and Student to hear a God-story that would change their lives! Isn't that what our Savior is about!? Changing lives?

Finishing-off our field trip of inspiration, we stopped for ice cream and girl talk. What blessings He has bestowed upon us.