Monday, August 31, 2009

Movin' Monday

On the move again, can't wait to get OFF the move again!

Mondays are so mobile. Student does well with the change of schedule, but at the same time, she fills my ears with requests to "...just be home..."!
I am thankful to God that we have a home, and one that we can call homeschool.

This Artful sketch is the creation of Student and Principal. They had each been trying to fit in drawing time yesterday, and as they did so together, they created this!

Also on the colorful side of school today, we received a game to help Student learn her next song in Violin: Piggies and Chimps. This will come in handy all week, as we are preparing for a performance for Fall Fest.

We introduced new flashcards in Math, combo dot cards, and they are colorful as well. Student wondered why they all were only blue as we have a 24 pack of colored pencils...but this was only the color for the fives family. So, her hopes of a rainbow weren't crushed! Everything is color and Art through her eyes.

Seatwork for Phonics and Language squeezed in between Reading today. Books about Fall seem to be a favorite right now. Poppleton is still in our pile of Library books, as well as whatever makes it into the bookbag before we reach our 12 book limit on our Library trip. Finishing our mobile-Monday with a trip to the park, and a walk full of Kansas wildflowers, there will be a colorful bouquet drying in Student's room this week.

And Space? Why yes, we are almost complete with this extended unit. As Principal will be at the homeschool for a week when the new addition arrives, we are planning our Field Trip and open house. Can't wait for each of these! Wonder which will happen first?

Student says: I like the white wildflowers. The dark purple are nice, too. I wanted to keep waking, but we didn't know where the path ended.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Final Friday

Student created a card full of flowers and a message of love for our friend, Miss Nancy, whom is a widow. We called to see her and bring her the card and brownies, but she didn't return our call. So, in the mail it goes. Final Friday purpose: James 1:27 as in the Holy Bible.

Back at the homeschool planet, Student read some poetry and noted some qualities of the writings. She then created this picture and poem for her Space unit: The Dazzling Spaceship.

It's so polished and shiny pink and magenta.
Win it blasts off
sparkle glitter smoke coms out.

Seatwork in Math and Phonics, Student really surprised me with her skills today. I didn't even introduce the newest place value exercise, but she caught right on and finished in record time! Finishing up with Computer time, Student is oh-so-ready for the weekend! But first...

Our evening will be a lesson of cooking, or mostly concocting, with Auntie. Cream cheese mints are a favorite of Students, and a request for our baby shower tomorrow. So, Student gets a little Friday Night School!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Test Day

Our first test day! Student took both Math and Phonics/Language tests! She didn't even flinch when I informed her what today would hold. Test anxiety is not currently in her vocabulary, and I am not introducing it!

Snack time took us the neighborhood park. There, the morning coolness made our banana-chocolate-chip muffins even tastier! This was a Toddler and Teacher project from last night. As his favorite projects are taste-worthy, the process was all-too hurried just to get to the end! As our rule is this: One can taste the batter after all ingredients are mixed in.

During Math today, Toddler enjoyed counting the pennies just as much as Student! Counting anything and everything, in groups and one-by-one. Wherever we are, no matter how much time we have!

Cursive is continuing with the first 3 letters, and Student is patiently persevering.

Tonight we have some homework, that the Principal is in charge of helping with. Space facts, reading and some seatwork, what a guy! It is so helpful to have this option of help when our day gets filled with some things we hadn't counted on...God's little interruptions! His plan is best!

Student began review of her Bible vocabulary words, as we are in Genesis 22 and looking toward our vocab test at the end of Genesis. She chose which 3 words to review, listen up!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Autumn For Us

Yes, we have started the Fall semester, so why not get into the season?

Student got right to work on some decorations for our blessed abode. This lovely acorn is from her self-directed project book. Following directions, step-by-step she completed it with love! And those fabric leaves on string round her neck, they will be our garland for the front door as soon as we unwrap her!

Math flashcards were all too fun, as Dad was the partner today. Place values and counting to 200...she is moving right along. The corners of our number chart are beginning to show our progress! Maybe lamination is a good investment.

Seatwork, la-di-da. Oh, how the cursive flows. Oh, how the special sounds roll. Oh, how the "e" is in me. She works right along and announces her completion with excitement! No wonder she had some issues with talking at school, she finishes her task in quite the quick manner. Now, she can come and talk to me all the more! What a blessing our talks have been. What a blessing our obedience in this journey has been.

History and more jumping into Egypt produced this from Student's brain: In Egyptian schools, they whipped the children because they believed children only obeyed when they were whipped! And I would not want to go to that school, because I don't want to be whipped. And, I would obey anyways.

In Genesis, we read about Ishmael and Hagar going into the desert. Sarah wanted them to be sent there. A stream of water was brought by God, because it was not time for him to die.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


As a teacher, there are several ways to present an assignment. So, try to solve this assigment riddle:
Take one Student given a leading personality
Add the traits born to her from her parents
Mix in the Eldest sibling tendencies
And what assignments fit this beautiful creature best?


French for "to let do".

Give this Student the supplies and she will run with them! This clown is from her art project book of lessons she can easily do alone. Self-directed and always a few dazzling features added, all she creates is full of "her touch!" She was to color it, simply with crayons, but with glue and fabric at her fingertips...she couldn't resist!

On the same note, what other books could we be reading than, Fancy Nancy? Student fell in love with this series last summer. We had the opportunity to read the Dazzling Book Report to ready Student for her own first report. We will continue preparing for this and soon see all that it has created!

Math, Phonics, Language and History all fell into the mix today, as well. Our reading of Space facts is almost complete. The biggest reaction has come from Toddler, however who has turned his firefighter helmet into part of an astronaut space suit. What world will we be in tomorrow? Homeschool can be anywhere!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Teach Us to Number Our Days

Library day, yes it is already Monday, again! Time moves right along, and pages keep turning. Our book bag was filled to the brim from our visit today. We traveled to violin and then to the doctor and then to the dentist. In between each stop, Student was busy with her Dad-made Math worksheet, and books galore.

Compare and contrast of each author's variation of Cinderella, this was our Literary lesson today. Student chose the stories, and with no surprise, our first grader chose a royal story for our learning!

Continuing on increasing our number skills, we put our counting chart to work. Student helped create this, weeks ago with the scripture reading...
"Teach us to number our days, oh Lord."
And oh how this is timely, with our counting down 18 days to the expansion of our family. Approximately 18 days, but our Student is counting!

Seatwork continues in Phonics and Space. We created a sorting envelope exercise for our planet groups, similar to the lapbooking technique that our good friend Tonya introduced us to.

And Student says: Please help me cut these! Hey, all of the gas planets have rings!
Thanks, Dad for my addition and take-away worksheet. I got the bonus, even!

Friday, August 21, 2009


Wide-eyed with anticipation, Student's first Holiday from homeschool is today!

Off to Grammy's with Toddler. Oh, the things they'll say. Oh, the things they'll do.

Lord, help these children know the beauty and simplicity of walking with a sweet and humble spirit in obedience and submission to You. Amen

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yesterday, when cutting out the poster board for Studetn's collar, she remarked about the negative image we cut out to make room for her head:
"Hey, it's a vase!"

Yes, you smarty pants, it is! How do these kids get so smart? Thanks, God, your handiwork is supreme.

So, in studying the symbols of the Egyptian language, Student designed this vase with her name encrypted in the heiroglyphic markings.

Reading from a Patricia Polocco book today, Auntie Barb would have been so proud. She is who introduced us to the art and words of Polocco, and since then, we have been in love! We all truly enjoyed our time in the shade with John Philip Duck.

Student has been working on the five W's of stories. We have already covered literary terms of a story, and now these 5 W's seem not as interesting to Student. Good ol' live and learn! She likes BIG words! So, that we shall do!

Seatwork in phonics and Language are being stickered as I type. The best papers are those one can sticker themselves!

Student: That is my name! I like the symbols that make letters.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rain & Shine

Having both weather extremes today, our week of learning continues. Recess in the rain is a fringe benefit, I guess! Student sure seems to think so!

Reading through her chapter books, Student is ready for our next library visit on Monday. We may need to check out more books for our week of reading together, as she usually asks to read more than just 1 chapter each setting. Whew!

Carrying us through Genesis, our History has also expended to include the Geography of Egypt and their culture. Map time brought an understanding of where all of our reading from Genesis has been taking place, thus far. Also, we talked of God's perfect plan, and our plan. The story of Abram and Sarai and Hagar, brought many parallels to the demoralized world of relationships today.

Student enjoyed her Egyptian project today. As we are gearing up for a Grammy Holiday on Friday, we took the time for a project today.

Student: Making my collar was fun. It took a long time to draw it. The circle painting was a mix of blue and black that was to be a marble or a diamond.

Seatwork will be completed at our meeting tonight, away from home. This is Student's first time this homeschool year to do seatwork away from home! Of course this is because she had the opportunity to golf with Dad today. Which weighs heavier on her list of priorities? Daddy time, of course! Thus, she'll complete homework this evening. Good ol' night school!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Breezy Blessing

Beginning the day in His presence, we headed out to ride bikes in the breeze. Well, no girl can just ride and let her mind be free from thought, so that multitasking Student began to create names and places for each square on the block she rode over. The creative brain the God crafted is a beautiful thing! And Student shared that the our driveway and the neighbor's, which are so close to each other, only have a short piece of sidewalk connecting them, which creates a dog bone shape. Thus, Dog City was born! And riding and imagining in the morning breeze was such a blessing to our day's beginning.

In addition to our outside recess, homeschool indoor continues. Violin practice was only as long as it took our pink birthday candle to burn out! Student liked this idea, but considering birthday candles are rarely allowed to burn completely down, we didn't know how much time we were signing up for...but it was just right! Student played Lightly Row to finish our session, in her favorite effect: comic. Thanks Mac.

Our flashcard fun for place values has grown to the hundreds and thousands because of Student's curiousity. She was looking at a quarter and wanted to know how the number, or year listed had 4 digits and what places they were. So, ask and you shall receive! She is really getting it!

Cursive began with Student's name, this past Summer, but we have moved on to intensive attempts at letter A, B, and C today. She thinks first grade is cursively-cool!

Reading in chapter book, Poppleton, Student also loves this upgrade from Kindergarten. We all know that chapter books sound so... first grade!

Sorting through Space facts, we are looking forward to finishing up this unit in Science. We read our facts at the park today. What better place to learn?

And, continuing in Genesis, Student will begin a unit on Ancient Egypt, tomorrow. We are thinking about separating Bible and History. As we have some requirements to meet, but don't want to leave out the whole reason for homeschooling: His Truth.
DISCLAIMER: The pregnant-brained-Teacher forgot to connect the fact that our Bible history has been taking place in Egypt. Thus, we will continue an Egypt study, really. :) But include more in-depth study of false gods and culture.

Student: In Space unit, I learned about space shuttles and rockets. They have to go 4400 mph so they don't get pulled back by gravity, and stay on Earth.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Out & About

Beginning with a rainy trip to the library, our Monday began! Loading home a new bundle of books, Student couldn't wait to open this book about many of her favorite things:

Today was Student's first lesson for the Fall semester of violin. Just seeing her with her instructor gave me new hopes for our home practices. And, new ideas for practices were discussed, and I can't wait to try them out! One involves a birthday candle... we'll see what Student thinks of this one!

Squeezing in 2 History lessons today, Student learned of the Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We had the opportunity to relate their lives to eachother through a family tree, and use a map to track their travels throughout their lives. Any map brings the life out in her eyes. Making them or reading them, this part of Geography is a favorite.

Student got right to work making our family tree, and she didn't want to stop at 3 generations! But, it was such a sad realization to me, about this fallen world and divorce. Family trees aren't what they used to be. But, she has our family pretty much figured out, and said she would like to try again, sometime. Going further back into the family, that is.

Math was continuing with place values, and counting to 200. Her seatwork was a little on the easy side, today. But no complaints from Student!

Phonics was a breeze today, as well. Some review on paper, and off we went to read!

We made time to read aloud first, and then Student sat next to me under the tree in the shade and listened to this book: The Princess Gown.

Student: The dress was very pretty. I don't know how it was illustrated the same every time, until the stain came and they put the embroidery on it. I like how they spelled the title. I really wish that I had that gown. I like the pearls on it.

Hanna was an artist like her dad. It reminded me of me, b/c my dad is an artist and I am an artist, too!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Dolly Art

Sewing session produced this little sweetie of Student's creative design and skills: Dolly.

Student used her machine to sew the limbs and then stuffed them with clouds of polyester surrounding her. Fabric choosing was easy this project, as she wanted some parts to be the same as her cousin's choice for her doll. And, in the end, there is no doubt that those eyes and those earring additions to the regular pattern, resulted in a Student original! Thanks to Heather for bringing the pattern to our session!

For a Friday, we are thankful for the sun and breeze and have experienced our share of recess today!

Math continues with new seatwork that arrived with the last bits of our first grade curriculum, just yesterday. Our chart counting to 200 received some activity today, along with place value flashcards.

Phonics and Space learning are among our end-of-the-week activities. Student however, is so interested in her new cursive writing tablet, that she is motivated to finish each subject just to be guaranteed that cursive will follow!

History was prompted by Student's creation of our flags, yesterday. We researched both the Christian and American flags. Student right away had big plans for her paint colors yesterday, and truly was disappointed about only using 2 colors! So, we just had to learn why those colors were chosen. This kid-friendly site was a big help!

and Student says: The colors of the flags are the same. The red on the Christian flag, is for Jesus blood. White is for purity that Jesus has, and the American flag has white for purity, too. But, our country is not holy.

Making the doll was my favorite part. It was cool having school at night! It was really fun to finish the doll, but I was sad that I didn't get to finish it that night. But I will sleep with her tonight!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fall Session

Fall semester is now in session!

There is a focus in our home that has been missing for some time, now. Scheduling how to serve God through so many venues, has always caused some stress and hurry in our daily lives. Now that our energies for serving are focused to our children in homeschooling, there is an amazing calmness and relationship budding between all of us. Thank you God, for establishing the work of our hands.

Our day began on cozy covers with the beginner reader Bible. Student picked 3 stories to read aloud. This was such a focus for her, today. I know that the schedule of a classroom has to work on time to fit in everything that is expected to be taught. And here, at homeschool, we have a schedule, but when Student kept reading, and reading, I was so thankful to have the opportunity to let her continue. My expectations were for her to re aloud 1 story. I am so glad there is no teeth-pulling included in her Reading these days! I was not this avid of a reader as a child, and I pray that this love would continue for her.

Continuing with our Space studies in Science, student is rapidly growing in anticipation of our field trip to the Cosmosphere. We had the opportunity to learn about the big bang theory, and see how it contrasts with what is taught in The Holy Bible.

To begin our day thanking the Lord, our Art lesson today included creating both the American and Christian flags for our allegiance pledges. Student enjoyed painting with gouche on each. Though this would have been a fun opportunity for sewing, applique of 50 stars sounded much too ambitious. So, we are saving that for our Sew session this evening when Student will create a doll with her cousin. The scraps are collected, and Student has her fav fabs ready to go!

Flashcards have become the definition of fun for Student! Her eyes light up when we pull them out, and when Dad steps in the door, he is bombarded with them! Even Toddler is getting a feel for how to use them and teach Student. Also, to prepare us for upcoming Math learning, Student created a number chart from 100 to 200 today. Teach us to number our days, oh Lord.

Student: It was fun painting it! It was hard to paint around the 50 stars.

I really enjoyed drawing my altar picture from the 450 prophets of baal and Elijah story.

Yeah, I am excited for sewing night.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dark Field Trip

Could God have planned his star-show anymore perfectly? Right in line with Student's studying Space, we rolled out of bed at 2am to have a field trip this morning.

Yes, a near-by passing comet produced tail-spinning falling stars last night. Meeting up with family and donuts from the local shop, His presence and beauty was seen atop a hill this morning.

Student: This is fun! I know the birth and death of a star, and these meteors are made of pebbles, or rocks that are hitting Earth's air and burning in fire.

Life Skills

Is toilet paper not an active part of schooling? I can't think of one public or private that doesn't need some!
Student was able to work on Life Skills on our mid-week day with Dad on campus during homeschool hours. To the grocery store we went. Armed with her pad of alphabetized needs, she wrote down the prices of each item. After comparing the numbers, she promptly found which was the most and least expensive. And the winner is?
Student: Toilet Paper was most expensive. Bread was least expensive. Can we do this every time we go to the store?
Computer time was essential on this hot day. First taking turns with Toddler, then sharing the experience, Student always enjoys some tech-time.

Reading with Dad from her beginner reader Bible, she picked her favorite stories to share with him.

And to finish her Life Skills today, Student helped to prepare supper with Dad. An experience that kiddos should share more often with their Dad. The kitchen and Dads, well, always produces a healthy laugh and much learning!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Guest Tuesday

When did these kids get so technologically-advanced?

Our homeschool day started with a bike ride to the neighborhood park. Quite the experience at an evos park.
This is our newest city attraction, and built right in our area! This park claims to give kids mental and physical challenges during their "play". However, during our bike ride there, the kiddos did succeed in the high-tech satisfaction of pumping their arms at diesel drivers and obtaining a honk or two!

After their engaging play, we skip-counted and enjoyed snack at the picnic table in the morning shade. Counting by 4s was the number choice today, as Guest Pupil was hoping to work on her multiplication facts of 4.

We pulled out the Old Skool Math games just to throw off our Guest! We began with homemade flashcards for our Guest to fine-tune her Multiplication. Student loved to help her practice and then switch and work on her place value flashcards. After all of the giggle-filled learning, we moved along to the FIRST MULTIPLIER. This handy tool pictured above in the first picture, was used by Guest Pupil's father in his days of learning. Afterall, it's all in the family, with homeschool!

They loved the colors, use of both hands and the noises of the sliding parts...all things missed out on with computers. And the other moving-part Math game? Well, SKILL BALL, straight outta the 50s. It is metal and requires one to crouch onto the floor to roll the ball in three turns and add up the end score. They love learning away from the table/desk! Anything to get their bodies moving and grooving for learning!

Back at the table, we continued with History from Genesis ch. 11. Searching the maps and globe, we located the area where The Tower of Babble was in The Mesopotamia. Guest was fascinated to have free reign of the globe and find all that she could with no time limit, like at school.

Next, the kiddos looked up their key words and took their best guess at defining them prior to reading the dictionary version. This is fun for everyone, and always makes a good read on the blog!

Guest Pupil:
Envy: an ivy type
Ziggurat: a rat type
Babylon: babbles

Envy: poisonous
Ziggurat: unkind
Babylon: a city

Finishing up with reading and Space facts, we enjoyed having our Guest before she starts school this week. Summer School is drawing to an end.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Math Monday

Yes, another week has begun, and our homeschool continues. Beginning with Math, Student continued with her place value learning by creating place cards. Colored pencil is her current favorite medium, and so we put them to work!

Counting forward to 200 and backward from 100, there are numbers filling the air.

Toddler, however, didn't like our Right Hand Left Hand, work today, and summoned himself to his airplane...(box in picture background). He said the up and down action wasn't his favorite. But for Student, it is a great wiggle-out exercise!

Still awaiting last supplies to arrive in the mail, Student eagerly awaits the mail carrier. The seatwork that will be delivered will help with the part of the lesson she can lead, and that is always a positive to her. Leading. What a great eldest sibling, so obvious God lined her up to be one! His plan is so mush better than ours, as I always thought a big bro would be best, since I experienced that. And, I have seen since the addition of TOddler, that she is perfect for the job God has given her.

History continues in Genesis and I think Student will enjoy fitting in American History when the occassion arrises. I think mixing them in together will be better than waiting to finish Biblical and then move on. She recently asked...
"When will we study real History?" Hee hee! I informed her that there is much History, from many sources and angles. She just smiled, and said she wants to learn lots!

Student: I made my first flashcards, today. I practiced with my Dad. And I knew the answer sometimes because I saw the back of the card!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Star Death

Student and Guest Pupil turned these clippings of color into a Star Death tile project. Sizing fluid with paintbrushes, scissors with Toddler around, add in a blow-dryer to speed the process, and this is what you get!

Guest Student describes her Star Death tile project as follows:

And Student describes her Star Death tile project as follows:

Fine Arts Friday

It just turned out that way! We had some plans of homeschool for our Guest Pupil today. And, as any Teacher has experienced, plans are best on paper...

With a revised list of to-dos, the students checked off each:
And lunch was last!

Beginning with Music, we returned to Toddler's favorite activity of Rhythm Sticks. It was especially entertaining with Guest Pupil, as she is going to be a fourth-grader, and 1st grade was fun for her to return to today. And so with their rhythm sticks, AKA: kitchen utensils, they tapped on eachother and moved as the record instructed. Of course it is always fun to weird-out a non family-member by pulling out the phonograph!

Today's Death of a Star lesson from our Space unit lead us to Art, where Guest Pupil and Student created these hanging collages each including an element from our Death lesson. They suggested we have a funeral for their dead stars, but all good things must come to an end, and time was gone before we knew it!

Student: It was fun!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Growing a Student is so much fun! It will probably be more work, once the family addition arrives. However, this Student is excited about growing through homeschool and the family's growing, too.

Today we began our reading aloud, lounging on the side porch in the Summer morning coolness before the rain today. Little House on the Prairie. What else is there? We do so love vintage and things of past days, and bringing this book over from the bookshelf at Grandmother's will be a great addition to our Reading. Student listened through the first chapter, and then read aloud from Miss Spider. Yes, Toddler was sitting with us, but only until he remembered that he was outside, and then off on his bike he went!

Maybe it was the peanut butter zucchini cake that we started our Thursday morning with, but the energy around homeschool today has been top-notch! And as the weather keeps spitting down rain, we know the truth about these kiddos and the barometric pressure! So, with that in mind, it is a wonder that the two could cooperate in Computer today. Helping each other, and taking turns... sounds like the reason homeschool would be less effective with only one student!

Reviewing number penmanship and continuing to get closer to 200, Student completed this work quickly and neater than usual. Along with Space facts, History and Phonics seatwork, the day has come to our Space project. This Growing Star display is in it's first stage, we shall finish it's display tomorrow. As we will be half-way through our Space unit tomorrow, when we welcome a Guest Student. Yes, for a day, Student invited a friend to come alongside and learn with her! With Summer in session for most school-goers, she excitedly accepted the invite to come to homeschool!

After we add some glitter in the background, Student says this Star Born display will be ready for the Space open house!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tree Research

Moving right along. Student is appearing to be blessed with Dad's Math brain. She was so excited for the special section of first grade Math, entitled "Thinking Cap". Well, it was to be a thinking exercise that may take time, and she was done in one second! She has only had this today, but we will continue and surely it will be more of a challenge, as not every day is the first lesson!

First Lesson from our curriculum that is to come in the mail, that is. We have the instructional texts and Student and I have been making our own worksheets for the seatwork, and really that has been fun. However, with a new member of the family on the way, it will be much smoother to have the prepared seatwork when there is another to care for.

History moved onto Noah and the building of the ark. Gen 6& 7. We found that our text said Noah made it of Cypress trees, and our Bible said Gopher we began our online research to see the difference or similarities of these woods.

In the Douay Version, Genesis 6:14, God commands Noah: "Make thee  an ark of timber planks. " In the King James Version this is written:  "Make thee an ark of gopher wood. " Modern scholars believe it means  the extremely durable wood of the tall massive evergreen cypresses  that, together with towering cedars and oaks, clothed the slopes of the  Lebanon and other mountain ranges in Biblical times. "Gopher" is very  similar to the Hebrew and Greek words for cypress.
_as written in Biblical Trees History

Student had her own guess of defining our Bible Dictionary words from History, which were as follows:

Iniquity: following God's ways
Holy: perfect
Cubit: a video game

Well, after looking up the words we both learned the correct definitions. But one of three is pretty good guess work!

Continuing Reading, Student will finish the last chapter of her first chapter book tomorrow. Student certainly got her fair share of reading in History today, as she read all of the side notes of interesting facts. This talked about tools and such as Noah and his sons built the's her artful version pictured.

Space facts continuing as well. We are working up to our open house and much-anticipated trip to the Cosmosphere! By Thanksgiving, is our goal.

Student: I learned about Noah's Ark. He made it out of cypress wood/ gopher wood.

I am talking about my space facts, here. and i love them!
Another name for a meteor is: shooting star. I learned about the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Math Day

What makes a day a Math day? An excited Student with a love for numbers!

We reviewed our time-telling skills on the clock, practiced sorting by tens with pink cotton balls, and ended our Math madness with some calendar and money work. We counted the coins and put them in the correct column on our place value chart. Our calendar creation is a count-down to the expansion of our family... 39 shapes to mark off, one for each day.

Our History lesson came from Genesis ch 6. Student learned the third son of Adam & Eve, Seth. And what fun it was to talk of why that brother and sister had to marry each other to increase the numbers of the Earth's peoples! She is already over wanting to marry her own brother, so the timing was good for this lesson.

Student also learned about Enoch being spared from death, and being raised into heaven. And a piece of always-useful Bible trivia... the oldest man in the Bible is?

Student: I had a fun day. I enjoyed making my calendar. It was fun counting the cotton balls. It was pretty amazing, too, about Enoch rising to heaven without dying first. I don't think that will happen to me.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Thankful for doctors, and the help God gives us.

Thankful for medicine, and the healing God gives us.

Thankful for sick days with two parents around to give care, and the care God gives us.

Today marked our first sick day. Sure, in life, God teaches us everyday, we renew our minds everyday. But papers and pencils were kept in the cabinet and we continued breathing treatments and began antibiotics.

Student was a brave soldier and swallowed her first antibiotic capsule today! The fact that it was full of pink and purple made it all the more princess medicine! And that was all it took... it went right down and she was so proud.

As for our Final Friday, we were welcomed into Miss Margaret's home with love. We brought smiles, cards, flowers, and music. We stayed, visited and read books. We left with fresh-baked cookies and homegrown tomatoes. What a blessing for all of us! Can't wait to see how God works next Final Friday!