Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday Back, Again

The hiatus is back off, again! Holidays are so sweet and such a need to recharge.

In the sunshine and pumping it up! Student, Warrior and Mascot share mats for sit-ups and push-ups.

Mascot has really gotten a hang of hanging with the bigger kiddos. There isn't much going on these days that he ISN'T a part of! What a blessing!

Student is readying her singing voice for the Christmas parade. She has her carols in hand and is taking time to sing during this Advent season.

Her writing today, focused on the 3 parts of a story and how completing each part in order is key. She loved the opportunity to draw pictures to help her brain organize the words. However, her idea of a completed assignment doesn't include REVISIONS! So, alas, Teacher has to be teacher more than once a day, and revisions conquered and we all learned something!

And, almost as much as Student reads, she draws. She says she would like to be a fashion designer or make-up artist when she's grown. Her illustration gifts remind Teacher of Principal's! And, really, her prayers are that God's purpose for her would bring her to the city! She says she likes the country, but loves the city!

This curvy sketch was part of Teacher's birthday card last week!

Our Bible lesson is focusing on the birth of Christ. We checked out a colorful book with rhyming for the sake of Warrior. He's still focused on the beginning sounds of words for Reading, that the whole rhyming idea really throws him off. Each day we will read a different version of the Nativity of Christ and know how such a babe born to die for us is a wonderful gift!

Warrior's seatwork had his attention with the information of doctors. He hasn't been to the optometrist in his short life, as of yet, so the eye chart he thought quite fun!

It was the information on shots that he couldn't listen to because he was too focused on the picture itself! He circles each picture in the order he wants Teacher to talk about them, and he was hesitant, but didn't save the SHOT til last! What a brave boy!

It was a day completed with a time of activity at the rec center. It was after the indoor play that the kiddos wanted just 5 minutes at an outdoor park. They agreed that upon hearing Teacher honk, they would come running...and they did!

Praise be to God for His presence of beauty in this world. The sun shines like no other today, and His care is around us. Amen

Friday Super School

It's here! It's Here! It's here!

WORKING a whole week is a practice the Homeschool needs to get back into, and both Student and Warrior did great! It's Teacher who had to push to make it happen. Thanking our steadfast Lord for His determination and perseverance!

Reading about snow has been Warrior's choice topic since Fall hit. Today's cpzy Reading togetherness took place on the couch with some freshly-picked local pears!

Warrior has begun to recognize his daily routine very well. Many of his activities are to promote his memorization of certain facts. And so his rote learning brings a small twist on it when it can!

Grabbing some buttons from the jar, Teacher let Warrior place them on the number orally stated. Then, Warrior let Teacher have a turn finding the numbers he picked! He loves playing teacher!

Warrior has also graduated onto complete sentences in his Handwriting. He is just getting the hang of Reading the entire sentence and then repeating it. He loves to make jokes about the sentence by looking at the picture clues! Really a relative of Papa D we can see!

Student has been reading one to two Box Car Children books per day! Her trips to the library are increasing! Good thing we are just a half mile from the local library!

Teacher sees that Student has escaped the lens of the camera lately, and so she is represented by her latest gift from Auntie Ang...Hello Kitty fleece pajamas, a regular uniform for Winter Homeschool!

Quickly finishing up our daily load, Principal made it back to present the super prizes to Student and Warrior! Warrior earned his long-awaited boxing gloves, and Student earned her asked-for alarm clock...one step closer to REAL LIFE!

Thursday School

Yes, there is a holiday break approaching...

So, down to business. Super School continues for all!

In addition to the status quote work...

Puzzle work for Mascot, as he seems to always be helping the other students. He has even been swiping cups from the dining table and taking them to the bathtub and filling them with waer for snack time! What a helper! 14 months and counting!

Serious stretching followed by Yo Gabba Gabba! Not to be confused with an ATTENTION DEFICIT PROMOTER... as the Homeschool doesn't partake in it's colorful and
fast presentation EVERYDAY!

Cooking for self AND others, strawberry muffins, a flavor pick from Student.

Warrior even double-dutied during his Phonics! He has graduated to his first non-phonetic sound! E can say EEE as in ME!

Counting the giveaways before delivering them, Warrior licked his lips!

Thanks be to God for helping the Homeschool continue in a Super week.
All the glory and honor to Him! Amen.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Winter Wednesday

Yes, as Teacher is posting, the snow is coming down! Happy Winter is a month early!

Mornings, mornings, what are they good for? The Homeschool votes for stretching, Spelling and Bible Lesson before playdate! Here's our Vowel Jumping game with Student's current list of words.

Thanks to Kaia and Kien for playing so well this morning. From Play-Doh to Transformers, they action-play was complete!

Continuing in Math with tally marks and graphs, Student chose 5 colors in the living room and tallies how many times they appeared and then created this bar graph. And she reached the half-way mark in her Health lessons for the year!

As though the blank space shouldn't be left there, just EMPTY, she filled it with design. A bar graph with PIZAZZ! Now that's our student. Warrior didn't complete his Math and counting until he weaseled Teacher into delaying his nap! (And it's the iMac, our only camera right now, that reflects the images and the letters are BACKWARDS! )

As for Social Studies, Warrior learned about veterinarians and their role in serving our community. Student, reviewed the symbols of America and the first Thanksgiving. Speaking of holidays, we are counting down to the BREAK next week!

Warrior's Reading continued with his ladders and is ready to add another special sound tomorrow. Here's his choice of iMac photo with his letter ladder.

Awana finds itself into our schedule, as it's Wednesday, and so Warrior works on his memory verse John 3:16. He's not quite there, but with the help of a song he'll be there in no time. Blessings of unity in datenight for Teacher & Principal during the kiddos' time away!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Old Skool Tuesday

Tuesday being filled to the brim with SUNSHINE,
the longings of Student and Warrior were heard and fulfilled.

To the Park for play...


Mascot enjoyed the geese the most. He pointed and exclaimed GGGEE! That guy is growing up, too!

Teacher spent the morning at the quilter's and thus, the only morning seat work completed was Student's Reading. As though her starting and finishing a book last night and this morning contend she needs Reading seatwork. No, it's just that her love is growing with super force!

Getting her to the park was the only way to distract her from the pages!


Our Holy Bible Reading came from Isaiah today, and the kiddos drew pictures of the depiction in chapter 66, the first verse.

"The Lord says, the Heaven's are His thrown,
and earth is His footstool."



Social Studies brought more safety procedures for Warrior's learning. This lesson's focus was on firefighters and fire dangers. Student's lesson, however, focused on freedoms in this country. She also completed an exercise of the pledge to our country worded in children's terms.

After Math seatwork, Spelling brought Student to a new list, and she played WORD SALAD with her new list today. A game of using the letters within a list word to make another from those letters as possible.


Having super school during naptime really brought Warrior smiles in the beginning. However, as the lessons moved on, Teacher still stands to confirm that mornings are his key learning time! Better try again, tomorrow!

Oh yeah, the OLD SKOOL part of our learning was because we are OFFICIALLY NON-PHOTOSHOP people until Principal can restore the Applications folder Mascot erased...so we
We'll try to use the iMac for pictures tomorrow. Oh what things an uninformed user can accomplish on a computer that many regular users cannot!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Anew

Super school has officially begun, again!

Thanks be to God for His plan of health. All is restored at the Homeschool and ready for a week full of renewing the inner-body, as the outer gets older ans weaker each day.

Reading through Ecc chapter 3 was familiar to both Warrior and Student. Teacher is saying NUMEROUS times per day that there IS a time for everything. That's how Warrior gets away from his war men and comes to the table for seatwork!

Favorite parts of our Holy Bible reading:
Warrior: a time to build up

Student: a time to speak, a time to laugh

Teacher: a time to sew, a time to be silent

Warrior continues in his Handwriting and Reading through his APPLE book. Quite a jump that boy has made since beginning the phonetic process. He will now write and read his written words without presence from Teacher. Today he focused on the vowel "U" and loved reading such manly words among the preschool ones:

Completing more seasonal activities, each used Photoshop to create their gratitude list and design play to increase their computer skills. Teacher saved Warrior's in a low resolution and thus it's blurry, but still so much a four year-old boy's brain...

And as for Student, she has shown her God-gifted heart much in this list...

And a quick list from Teacher...

Not only were all students present, today, but the Hoemschool allows pets to tag along for learning, if they sit underneath the table, that is...

Student used some of the scraps from Teacher's boss and created an outfit for doggy's day at Homeschool. Yes, she was quite well behaved.

And at the request of Principal, the Homeschool began it's day with some stretching in no particular order or squad line...

Flexing and pointing toes, talking of muscles and bones, in between growing like trees, these bodies and minds began in unison today!

Mascot found his place at the table for seatwork among the Reading, journaling and math tests...

He's even taken after Warrior and came to learn minus a shirt!

Finishing super school with enough time to rest. Away goes the Homeschool to return tomorrow, God-willing!

Friday School

Beginning the road to restored health.

Thanking God that Principal has regained his
composure to aid the rest of we sick people.

There is a time for everything. He has made all things beautiful
in its time.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday School

Super sick.

And so go the best laid plans of mice and men...

Super school to continue NEXT week!

May God restore the health of the Homeschool and give us strength and courage to tackle that which pollutes us at this time. Amen.

Wednesday School

Really sick.

No school.

Tuesday Anew

Yes, there was Mascot on pencil sharpen duty...and then there was the rest of us...


No school.

Monday Super School

The Homeschool voted, as a rational democratic classroom would...and it was UNANIMOUS that Super school MUST take place to prepare for Thanksgiving break. Super school will be the whole week long, making up for half days, and missed days, picking up experiments not taken time for, so that the upcoming break can be enjoyed!

And so we headed outside for morning recess and Science.

As Student just completed her lesson on earthworms, we created a home with the worm she discovered in Neverland ( aka: the backyard cleared forest area with a tree hut). She noted the parts God designed and couldn't wait to view his burrows in the home we created!

Lessons of Psalms, Reading and Pilgrim voyages brought Warrior and Student together inside, again.

The 8th Psalm talked of how God designed the angels a little higher than people, and people are thus separate from angels, and will never become one. Student was so glad to see that fact, because she had always wondered, she said!

Warrior liked the lesson on the Pilgrims. He arranged the facts in order, and then colored some. Mostly, however, he was curious how to spell such key words from the lesson:

Student had computer time, and finished her Spelling lesson with some Grammar reviewabout homonyms. These, we read, contribute to most misspelled words in adult communication.

Praise God! Day 1 of Super school COMPLETE! AMEN!

Friday School

Student is working her way through Spelling quite well. The current program focuses much on the words she misses on the pretest, but she would rather work on them ALL!

So she did some magnet board work, and then some scrapbook work! Collage, indeed!

Science had Warrior reading the remometor, and Student laughing about the REAL thermometer!

Just another way GOd handed us the tools we needed from another household to ours. YAY!

Seatwork is not a favorite of Student's, but an ICE COLD Sonic Water always motivates her! She says it's different than homeschool water, and she's RIGHT! :)

Warrior's counting and sorting ALWAYS turns into a creation station! And today's creation is...Mr. RObot!

Again, thanks be to God for His daily provisions!

Thursday School

Yes, we manage to function.

No, the environment isn't always organized.

And, thus, we learned and played
but took no pictures...

Anyone seen the camera?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday Melody

The new season is really making a contrasting statement between morning and afternoon recess!

Chill in the air...

then... OFF with the jackets!

Listen and name that instrument game really brought smiles today. Mascot thought it fun to celebrate the birthday of the saxophone, while Student loved marching to the compositions of J.P. Sousa.

Other learning was found in Bible memorization for Awana, with help from principal.

Reading and counting with Warrior on the magnet board in the mud porch.

Finally, the third attempt, Teacher has created a number chart that will work!

It was also with Warrior that the phone got some learning time. His seatwork taught some practical community tips in Social Studies today.

Wouldn't it be super if he REALLY sang his song of name & address in an emergency...well, Lord willing we'll br protected from that. But for now, 911 and Warrior are ready, just in case.

Thanks be to GOd the giver of all things good. We declare this day and the work we have done, as good! AMEN!

Monday Out

No School.

Family day away, as tradition marks the last day of October
and the first day of November! The kiddos are really looking
forward to this annual affair these days!

They are old enough to get wet..

and enjoy the time together. Thank you God, for family.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Friday School


no camera in sight...

School in session.

School dismissed.

Thursday School

Giving their best and giving God the glory.
Yes, books and pencils found their way to the Homeschool, yet again, today.

Student and Warrior, however, used their love for cooking to provide dessert
to the local homeless shelter residents.

Daily, learning to do everything without complaining,
so they may be blameless and pure children of God...

Wednesday School

Among the mess...
books and soaked kleenex...
the camera found it's way to the backyard to catch some Autumn action...

All in a day's reward after completing the WORK,
the PLAY is earned! Possibly the last barefoot play after 4pm of the season...