Monday, November 30, 2009

Rite of Passage

Did Teacher cry when Student went off to Kindergarten?

Student looses a tooth...and Teacher looses her composure!


And to celebrate, Student passed into yet another maturation level of this life...BARBIE-DOM.
We had resisted the plastic playmate for the last 6 I think she is ready. And Veronica is her name.

Homeschool welcomes Veronica! She was present for Reading, Math, Language and Cursive today. Reading came to us from the Rhyme Bible. This borrowed beauty from Mrs. Janet has opened Student's eyes to more poetry fun! THANKS for sharing, Ethan! And, yes, Mrs. Heather has expressed her love for such a book, as well. We can't go wrong with this one.

Toddler disagreed about every rhyming pair of words Student found...but that's precisely the job for a boy TOddler...attempt to antagonize each living creature he comes in contact with. If his plan fails, he will result to flogging...simple love, that's our Toddler!

Student spent time with Principal creating her new wallpaper for her penthouse imac. She loves having her own computer in her room, and little by little, she learns that with no internet, computers still have purpose.


Photoshop and fun...what else could a girl want from her Dad?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving!

Our break this week will be full of family, food and His grace! God is giving us rest and we are thankful! Student thinks of her pen pal, Lehi, in The Philippines, and is thankful for food...more than ever!

Speaking of Lehi, Student created a Christmas card for her! Student used some of the glittery snowflake paper she received from Grammy. Thanks!



Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Speed

Speedy? Only in Math, that is, as Student speed directly through her speed drills. Include her Domino Math in the speedy lane, too.

Student bathed the morning away and jumped out to help with little Katelynn. Both she and her big brother were over for about an hour, and Student's life skills blossomed before my eyes! Student helped give each toy to Kate as Toddler retrieved the rejects. The boys didn't even disagree and puff out their chests until the very last minutes of playing together!

Preparing for Student's solo recital tomorrow night, she participated in a play-in over the weekend. Mega thanks to Papa D for coming and taking this video. Student had the opportunity to be a leader of the group and she just stood tall and played as though she were at Homeschool!

Seatwork made for a true Monday. Student is least excited for such things as this. Today's papers of calendar reading, rhyming, and antonyms even required chocolate chips as a motivator to finish. In the end, she completed her 3 pages and her sweet-tooth was completely satisfied! Wonder where she got this sugar desire? :)

Little by little, God is granting us time to work on our donation quilt for Final Friday.
This is the 2nd of 3 pieces that will complete the quilt top. Glory be to God for the fabric He brought together and the math that will work out! When finished, this roomy twin will be the biggest quilt we've made to date. And by far the most boy!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Weekend Update

One of life's lessons was learned this Saturday afternoon.
And so we focus on the beauty of God that is evident in the earth.
Thanking Him for the beauty He showed through this pet,
Student buried a friend and roommate today.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Fest

In preparation of Student's Art Sale fundraiser for her violin school, she spent the morning preparing her magnets.


They are there in the bottom left corner, a compilation of buttons, embroidery and yo-yos.

Saying goodbye to Toddler, he and Grammy and he were off for the local military base to check out the planes. As for Student and Mascot, we headed out on foot for downtown.

Student spied the first Christmas Decor going up at the local library. She wondered how many light were there in all on the jack-in-the-box?!


Using her counting skills, she found how much area 10 bulbs took up and estimated the amount on the entire decoration piece: 400 bulbs!

Onto the stores we went! Student noticed South America in a poster that pictured the globe.


Next, Mascot requested a quiet area to nurse. So, we stopped in at the bookstore for an italian soda. There, Student blessed me with her reading of the Christmas Fancy Nancy book.


On the way home, for those who are local, we stopped for a train to pass by. Planes on the train! Boy, did Toddler miss out!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Good Morning Math

Student loves to begin her day with such numbers and logic.
We compared and contrasted inches, feet & yards. Not locating our yard stick, we pulled out the roller-cutting mat and measured many Homeschool findings:
fabric flower
scrap fabric
Toddler's robot
Student did well deciding which tool to use in each case.

Her new fav game, is virtual quilting! She had the idea for looking up such a game,
and WOW if we didn't locate an awesome one!
This parallels with her symmetry learning in Math just grandly!
And as though we didn't already testify to God's perfect timing,
Gramma Es Tu brought some applique´ blocks in the boxes of fabric she gifted us this week!


This pretty block offered Student the opportunity to use yarn, pink of course, and identify all the lines of symmetry. Thanks, Gramma Es Tu.

What about that solo recital coming up? Student continues practice, and is learning some music symbols in the meantime. Mrs. S also worked on clapping familiar rhythms from Twinkle. Student was called a "Good listener!" several times throughout their game. She truly treasures their lesson time.


Student baked, mixing and measuring all-by-herself, while Mascot nursed. None other than: banana-chocolate chip muffins. Her life skills were working quite well on their own, before Teacher rushed the process and added 1 cup too much flour! Forgive me, bowing out is hard to do! As an adult with a constant eye on the clock, we can be reminded of life's simple beauty from above when observing the time schedule of a child.


Well, Student and Teacher gifted a half dozen to Mrs. S and her family for her husband's birthday. HAPPY BDAY MR.S!

Digging out the sculpty from the craft cabinet today, Student and Toddler began their Map activity in Geography. Flattening, texturizing, and cutting 2 continents, Student quickly asked to finish the project tomorrow!
"This clay is too hard. I can't mash it...
Ok, here's Australia and South America, and half of Antarctica. Is that all for today?"

Cursive came and went in the form of the 12 months. Student wrote the names of the months each on a flashcard, and mixed them up. She enjoyed singing her months-of-the-year song and placing them in order. Now, to find a song about the hours of the day!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Morning Doo

It's Fall! Yes, much too cold for morning dew.
Student began her with morning fishy doo!
She had a smile about the whole project, as now she
is a first grader with responsibilities, and a hunger for such duties.


In her robe, before her beauty bath, Student cleaned Alezandra's fish bowl and prepared her pet for life in the penthouse, upstairs in Student's room, that is!


With her chart and pen at her bedside, Student will keep track of the time and day she feeds her pet. She will place a sticker at the end of each week she fully completes the feeding task. Funny how our manual stressed the point of a fair system to share this charting/feeding problems there! Homeschool doesn't however breed selfishess, as Student shares most everything else with Toddler and soon-to-grow Mascot!

With sun and temps in the 50's, God granted the gift of Activity today! We walked to the neighborhood park and enjoyed our Math while soaking up the vitamin D. Playtime at the Evos Park is always an energy-buster for Toddler. However, today, the green space seemed to be most popular. Maybe their darting around will turn them into another Ryan Hall, running for God and representing our country!

Finishing up 2 make-up tests in Math, Student did great.
We had to laugh at ourselves taking turns being the teacher and quizzing eachother:
"Stand ifI say a month, sit if I say a day of the week!"
Student beat Teacher on this one!

Student also got her fill in math by switch-counting. She would begin counting by 5s and switch to 1s when directed. What a girl! Thanks, God!

Student:I had fun doing school in my room!
I have a fishy in my room! And her name is Alezandra.My sentence in cursive today was:
Do you like my room?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Yes, after History from I Samuel, our hospitable Homeschool hosted Gramma Es Tu today. She is a loving adoptive Gramma, that reads so eloquently thanks to her elocution homeschooling back in the day!

Her reading is positively entertaining! Student & Toddler sat attentively for 45 min, right next to each other! Only twice did Gramma have to warm
"No fighting!
No biting!" she quoted from a storybook from her motherhood days.


Yes, that is a box and a rocker added to our Homeschool today. She gifted us boxes of her extras in her fabric stash, and the rocker for Mascot's daytime cuddling and midnight feedings! And with winter coming on, the days will be perfect for sewing! Student said just today...
"I feel like quilting!"

And so we enjoyed our visitor, and substitute in Reading! As for Seatwork, Student enjoyed the syllable exercises in Language. The clock work in Math was new. It combined addition problems and clock faces showing the passing of time. She wrote her answers like the numbers on the digital clock faces! Again, no stopping Art from crossing over into EVERY subject! Her typography would make Principal proud!

Student's Computer time was spent with Fancy Nancy. She decorated her own Christmas tree...that's right! NOT Holiday tree, but a birthday candle for Jesus! Get into the spirit, Student!


And for music today, Student joyfully sang along with Francesca. SLAM to the parents listening to Hannah Montana...well, mainly Uncle Toby! :) Frannie sings and we all actually like it! Student has worked hard de-coding the lyrics, so props to her careful ear. We'll have to set up Music Appreciation class with Uncle Ed & Uncle Toby to see if they approve!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Welcome Snow, Welcome Monday

Monday and the season's first snow! Try to convince Toddler that it is NOT Christmas...good thing the snow melted as it hit the ground. So, Fall semester continues...

The newest interest from the game cabinet is STRATEGO.


Principal loves this game, and has since he was a boy. Student began playing this past weekend. Pairing her with Toddler, the testosterone began to fill the air...
"I'm going to kill your soldier!" he shouted with his fist raised.
"Ah, ha ha ha...BOMB!" he snorted with his chest exposed.

Meanwhile, Student just sat, quietly keeping track of moves in her mind, and fully enveloped herself in the strategy of capturing Toddler's flag. Her lady-like scheming was oh-so-familiar! Before too long...the room was less crowded.


And so flows the hormones at Homeschool today. Toddler ended up trying his fine-motor-skills at OPERATION.

And another thank you to Mrs. S for coming to Homeschool to conduct violin lesson.
As she is always a treat to meet with, the way her brain can blossom in every environment was truly encouraging. They carried on like it was a normal session...this may become our practices for the winter, so praise God it is working! Toddler was napping during lesson today, so Teacher even had the opportunity play while Mascot was swinging to sleep!

Reading through Grimm's Fairy Tales, thanks Grandmother for gifting me this extraordinary book 20 years ago on my 10th birthday, our cuddle and read session brought Rose Bud AKA: Sleeping Beuaty to life! Student learned some vocabulary terms:
"...lamented the fairy's gift."
"...plucked the foul."

Yes, I know how to pluck...and when she tried to guess what foul meant, we used the poultry clue, and popped right up with the right answer. "...plucked the feathers!"

Cursive and Language seatwork was done. Student is working on remembering the capital letters, and end punctuation. She tires of this process early on, and her sentences are often left in the hard to have patience. Wonder where she got this?

History from I Samuel, chapters 4-10. We practiced being oxen and a wagon, like the one carrying the Ark of the Covenant...and both Student and Toddler have heads that are still in-tact!
We reviewed vocab words and added 2 new ones and Student's guess of the definitions:
Predict: to say something will happen
Plague: to come over some people, a bad thing

Student: My favorite vocabulary word this time is EFFORT! I just think about how God says do your best effort in trying to obey. Sometimes we stumble, but it reminds me not to give up. Persevere.

Friday, November 13, 2009

In Disguise

In disguise and on the run, Student left with Grammy for a Holiday!
Thanks be to God for sunshiny Fridays,
and Grammy-induced Holidays!

Photobucket width=500

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hospitable Homeschool

Homeschool welcomed a new teacher today!
And what better opportunity for Student to practice hospitality?

1Peter 4:9
"Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling."

No grumbling, maybe an open-mouth of hunger, but no grumbling from Student as she had her second experience on the stovetop! Heating the sugary goodies to a boil, she made no-bake-cookies for her violin instructor. And at Student's request, The Mascot survived the cropping in today's image!
Mrs. S enjoyed them with Toddler and Student after lesson. However, as for my lesson on hospitality, I failed: she requested milk and I was fresh out! :)

Reviewing the 7 continents, Student also read about life on each continent!
Student: I thought maybe someone lived Antarctica...but only penguins!

Seatwork in Math, Phonics, and Language earned Student computer time today.
She created this titled:
"Awake and Happy, Sleep and Rest!"


Creativity is a brushstroke away with artpad. Click on the artpad splatter, and create! It is a common request from Student.
And one of the better ways to spend computer time, since Art is the nucleus of the world!
Our Creator created us in His image, thus, as He is creative, so are we. And I think Student got an extra measure of creativity!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


To those Veterans close to our hearts, we give a blessing shout:
Ryan Strotkamp
Randy Hauser
Layne Pierce
Marshall Pierce
Doug Davenport
Frank Davenport
Micah Cusick
Nancy Mayes
Sarah Underhill
Paul Zollmann
Darrin Tangeman


And to others currently serving or having served, we THANK YOU!
And if we still had any mulberries from the berry bowl, we'd offer those, too! Blessings!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Grand Grammy

Beginning our morning with Art, Student created cards for the Veterans so close to our hearts. With little help from Toddler, she completed then before her time away from Homeschool today with Grammy! I guess the Art continued at Grammy's, as each came home with pipe cleaners galore! And the distorted picture is yet more artistic fun the kiddos had with the computer...Student has only hands here...


For activity today, Student completed a session of Winsor Pilates. What a trooper, she actually is quite flexible and says she has missed this activity!

As for Reading, we cuddled on the couch for some furry fun. Student picked out a velvet covered book of snuggly stories gifted to her when she was a toddler herself, from Gramma S2. Student enjoyed The Straw, the Coal and the Bean. The Wee Little Woman was a bit of a tongue twister and ended not a moment too soon!

All the fun she had with Grammy and Toddler was followed up with Math seatwork. Student had some measuring review of inches. Also in review, was reading the face of the clock. This was brought to our attention last week when Student wanted to read some new jokes. Yes, a clock is a clock, but the front is a face. Why is it that we have bothered to name the front when it is the only part that we look at anyhow?

What has a face, but no eyes? A Clock!

What's a teacher's favorite cheese? Grated!

Why does a Mathbook always feel sad? He's full of problems!

Thanks to Student, the day can have some laughter of jokes and delight in a good poem. Her first Haikus, Student presents the following:

There was a cute dog.
He played with a bouncy ball.
And he swallowed it!

Cinderella stinks.
She kissed a slimy, red snake.
She didn't mean to.

Golf is fun to do.
The ball has dents on it's skin.
It needs a band-aid.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Itch This

With sinus infections and our first dose of miracle-antibiotics, we attempt a normal week of homeschool again.

We continued Reading in Through My Eyes, by Ruby Bridges. Student and I took turns reading and listening. Her heart was crushed and her faced was twitching when she heard the cruel racist remarks of the protesters. Afterall, Ruby bridges was sweet six-year-old first grader, like Student. And the personal connection Student has grown is so real.We coccluded with a conversation of the deceit the enemy tricks us with, still to this day. Those who resisted integration in the South, were believing a lie of the enemy.

Map activity in Geography, brought us to create our own world puzzle. Student colored, and had some help cutting those jagged and wiggly 7 continents! Placing them on the globe was fun. Student practiced naming and placing the oceans as well. And when we saw the mountain ranges labeled in our text, we fondly remembered The Appalachian Christmas Quartet that we had as a December Holiday tradition when Student was a wee one.

Continuing our Map learning, Student and I played while Toddler napped! Auntie Barb gifted us a memory game that fit right into our lesson. I Never Forget a Face.


This memory game has drawings of different characters from around the globe to match up. We placed some of the faces onto the proper continent drawing. Student really noted the different head shapes, noses and skin tones. Her Artistic eye never rests! Recognizing that God created beauty in many different looks, Student had to calm her want to draw while we continued onto Math.

Also in seatwork, we practiced Cursive, Language, and Phonics. Woo Hoo!
And in preparation of Student's solo recital at the end of the month, we compared and contrasted the 2 P's her teacher suggested:

As for Toddler, he woke up from nap ready for homeschool. He talked and talked to Principal about his homeschool last Friday. This, in turn, was a big neon light flashing "TEACH ME!" that I had not been seeing. So, with the help of Student, he enjoyed his own lesson again today! Yes, he picks up much and stays around for some other learning, but specifically-designed lessons for him is obviously his favorite. Who doesn't want a little attention?

We have no answers as to why Toddler chooses to dress himself with no boxers half of the time...maybe I should cut the itchy tag from his pants?!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Student Teaching

A sick Teacher calls for a substitute: and Student it is!


This is some of Student's photography from this Fall.

A day of activity in the backyard.
Fun-filled adventure as heroes climb trees.
A bit of Literature presented by The Muppets,
in their adaption of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

And of course the learning continued with good old School House Rock!

Student even helped with Toddler School!
A little exercise helping with Right & Left recognition. And stop-light theory.
Toddler was excited and ready to get started when he heard his name associated with school!
2 beautiful kiddos, and 1 Mascot.
We each survived the Student Teaching.

Wisdom Search

Student awoke bright and early, with a negative attitude. After she sulked for some time, she realized that the enemy would not want her to have the joy that would come from reading The Holy Word, and up she went! Teeth brushed and notebook open and Bible in-hand!

I remember being a Student in school and trying to figure out my own way of note-taking that would work for me. Student just went with it, and this is what she came up with!


We talked about prayer, and the ACTS method.

She only needed help catching the first verse, and from then on, she picked out the significant verses that paralleled with what she asked wisdom from God. And she recorded the following:
Psalm 5:8b
"Lead me in Your right path."
Psalm 5:3
"...I pray in the morning. I wait in hope..."
Psalm 5:4
"You hate all things that are evil..."
Psalm 5:11
"...Let all who go to You for safety be glad!"

I thank God for this new excitement and realization that God has a plan and can work through even a six-year-old. Ruby Bridges has a dynamic faith that helped bring Student's to a new level. Thanks, God, for always working! Amen

And for the rest of homeschool, Student has been substituting as I am sick, now. With a sick Teacher, there are measurements to be taken: The Mascot is precisely 2.5 large- lincoln- logs- long. His eyebrow and hand are both 1 short- lincoln- log- long.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just Stories No More

A day of sunshine and new promises. What better day for homeschool?


Math, yes. History, yes. Reading, yes. Cursive, yes. Phonics, yes. Language, yes. But why again do we homeschool?

Student returned home from Awana with new insight and promises. She informed me that there were more than just stories in The Holy Bible, and that she wants to read it for what God has for her. She wants Him to,
"I don't know how to say it. But He has a quest for me. I think it all started with the Ruby Bridges book Mrs. Dayna sent me. I think it may connect to the family, and that we all have a test. I want to wake up and read my Bible tomorrow. If I am tired, Mom, just wake me and get me up! I want to know what quest God has for me."

What does a mother say to that? Just let the tears roll and praise The God above for creating her with a heart after His. A heart desiring to obey...I am so grateful. And to this we know, this is why we Homeschool. To nurture and admonish our children in the ways of The Lord. Can't wait for our morning Wisdom Search!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Goodbye Judges

Fast approaching Ruth, our History lesson took us through the end of Judges today. Student added 2 new words to her vocabulary list:

Toddler enjoyed the Samson saga. You know, all the regular boy interests:
pretty girls
Who said The Bible was boring?!

Student had more Map exercises in Geography. The whole Bird's Eye concept she liked, but the map colors just weren't interesting enough. When one is 6 years old, pink and purple really are the only acceptable colors. And that's where Principal gets his extra credit in bringing to Homeschool Student's newest heart's desire: Decorate and Primp Mirror. This Art project had been in her heart for weeks. She had even drawn mock-ups with multiple ideas for decoratng. This is what she came up with!


We put on our brains in Math today and realized we didn't need to create more flashcards that looked like dominoes to help learn our addition and subtraction facts up to ten. The need was filled by shiny, colorful dominoes from Grammy. Thanks! These fit right into Student's hand, and provide a perfect excuse for playing!

Seatwork was finished nice and early, as we had plans to venture out into our Father's world of blue skies and falling leaves and acorns! We trekked our favorite 2.5 mile venture to the park and donut shop. Meeting up with some friends, Student's imagination was brought to life with the acorn collection. She brought them home and immediately set up house and home for those little acorn people! Thanks, Johanna, for a new day of play and creativity! Student cut-up houses and beds and drew faces on each member of her acorn family. A family of 5, of course!


Monday, November 2, 2009

Tall Tales for a Sick Day

Yes, our first Sick Day on record. We read Tall Tales of Giants with Golden Hairs, and Frog-Brides from our Grimm's Fairy Tale Collection.

And who is this, not-so-sick super-hero?
Toddler is that hero: Larry Boy!
And that laundry pile is mine! All mine! Yet to be folded...


How better to brighten the day of a sick sister? Well, Toddler did just that!
Blessings of health in this home, we pray. Amen