Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Monday, Monday

Bright and early.
Yes, Monday has arrived.

Finding focus with fabric,
Warrior keeps his Reading straight
and organized.

Transforming for super-time
with Principal,
Warrior creates some paper airplanes.

And, getting his share,
Mascot takes over the empty spot
after the rush clears.

Who let Student sleep in, anyway?

Friday Date

Just in time for Spring fever...
Out go Teacher & Principal.

Off to the antique stores,
riding tandems and spying

12 year wedding anniversaries
can't be spent on campus.

No school,
except Grammie school!

What a family we have been given.
Yes, God is good.

Thursday Excuses

Hair cuts
runny noses...

school anyone?

We'll pass.

Reading Wednesday

Catching up on his reading, Mascot
assumes position at the seatwork table
and quietly completes his work!
Ode to learning by example.

Don't think that it's all books
and no learning at play...

Finding his own quiet places, he's always busy.

Warrior doesn't mind having
distractions, and often has to be redirected,
but always finishes strong before the timer so as to secure his chocolate chip reward!

Student on the other hand, has known no stopping point,
and will finish up her Health studies soonest this semester.

Finding her learning to be fun,
most days.

It is pure joy to Teacher to have the opportunity to train
these children up in the way they should go.

IMG SRC="http://i848.photobucket.com/albums/ab46/newtoncc/skool/clothing.jpg"width=390>

Even when it means laundry!
Oh what blessings He hath bestowed upon us!

Tuesday Anew

Digging up the old,
and making room for all things made new, again.

God is working,
and Teacher is slowly
catching up.

Mascot plays.

Warrior learns.

Student teaches.

What would we be without children in our lives?
Thanks be to God, the creator of life.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Monday Continues

With the passing of the days,

and the semester nearing an end,

Student's focus is on Art, and so the entrance door found itself
growing spring flowers. A lovely addition, indeed. Until Warrior
gives in to his desire to rip them down and eat them, that is.

The group effort was a success!

Though it takes Warrior a little longer to complete a project and stay focused,
he comes through with flying colors! And Mascot finds time with Student always to be
full of cuddling.

Finishing up with Reading, Warrior gets help from Teacher & Mascot.

And, since Teacher is posting all of this AFTER summer has already found
the Homeschool, short=sweet, as THE BLUISH is becoming a space for learning
as Warrior will need a more focused learning environment for the upcoming Kindergarten year! Yes, Teacher, you said KINDERGARTEN!

Bless the Lord, oh our souls,
and all that is within us.

Bless His Holy name.

Warrior, on the other hand, is focusing on finishing the cursive alphabet that had extended it's stay here, at the Homeschool.