Friday, December 17, 2010

Monday Bed School

Retraining Warrior as to what a bed is created for...he began his Mathematics lesson in the comfort of his room, bed and favorite hero uniform.

Counting, locating and recognizing individual numbers, Warrior has gotten to be quite familiar with his counting chart. It's the opportunity to sort and then build a rocket after his mastery of the lesson that keeps him going through his repetition rote lessons.

Eventually returning the a TABLE for seatwork, Warrior went to work with Tad today. Tad the tadpole, not the uncle! And for him that meant a marker and dry F-U-N!

Mascot shared in the learning fun with his flashcard pile-up!

On the other hand, no biggie for Student was her switch from one to two seatwork sheets per day in Mathematics. Welcomed with a smile, actually...God is good!

Friday School

No school. Partial Christmas break. Looking forward to hitting the road and leaving behind an orderly campus...please.

However, with an unexpected turn in the health of another family member, we'll be home this weekend...and for the record, the campus is still in disarray! Oh, Teacher, laughing out loud!

Thursday School

No school. Partial Christmas break. Looking forward to hitting the road and leaving behind an orderly campus...please.

Wednesday School

No school. Partial Christmas break. Looking forward to hitting the road and leaving behind an orderly campus...please.

Tuesday, Last

Awaiting the weekend trip North, the Homeschool will call this the last full day this week.
Preparation to leave the campus clean and orderly will indeed take the next 3 days, if not a year! Oh, Teacher laughs out loud!

Camera was in the hands of some littler people today, and without pictures of oh-so-normal seatwork being accomplished, there was this...

Working into the late hours of the afternoon readying a supper for Grammie and Papa Randy, we are all remembering to offer hospitality and love to them as they lost a family member this week. God knows, we trust.

Student found a face in her potato peeling Teacher is sure God is smiling!

Monday School

How better to start the week than sleeping late & waking up to some PRINCIPAL play!

Student has been helping Warrior much with his reading, during their backpack time.

Not only a lover of Reading herself, but this love is being passed onto her brothers with a smile! Including Christmas accounts of the CHrist-child's nativity...

Really, this account of our days schooling is such a blessing to look back at all the blessings He hath bestowed upon our lives. Our lives that are but a vapor...may we continue this good work He has begun in us until the day Christ Jesus returns.

And with great gratitude we thank our Lord for bike-riding/skating weather!

As for this day, through the learning, play, pencils and erasers, the days ends as sweetly as it began...PRINCIPAL play!

Friday Construction

Yes, the ONLY construction enjoyed during pre-winter weather...
Gingerbread Houses!

Beginning, and getting distracted by the fair weather, Warrior constructed a win block with two walls!

Student had planned to visit Great Papa Marshall and construct hers, so she let her guest go first.

It was ending up to be a wish box, as the triangular roof we didn't plan for, wasn't working with the curved store-brand an adobe/wish box to hide a Christmas wish inside...that's what the Homeschool created.

And, working from the brain and not experience or directions...Teacher figured out, by the second attenpt, that the frosting really had to be specific-to-this project! So, adding egg whites and moving on, Student created hers...

Topped with pixie stick!

Treading across town to the Rec Center, energy bounded off the walls.

Then, witnessing the delightful weather, the sword fighting finished the afternoon after seatwork. All for one, one for all! Thanks, Lord above!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Thursday First

Into the last month of the year, the semester will soon be gone! Teacher has high goals and expectations! Onward Homeschool, to the Spring semester!

Oh, WAIT! There's much to do FIRST!

Student began studies of the Holocaust. Beginning with the definition of this word: complete ashes. That alone is enough to make a grown man cry, God forgive us. God forgive YOUR children who sat in YOUR house for so long and prayed and acted in nothing to stop this evil that consumed this world You created. Oh, Lord, forgive us.

Student has been very curious, as she received an oral summary from Teacher before digging into the memorial museum website's encyclopedia. She'll follow this us tomorrow with an audio CD of a personal account, and then Ann Frank the movie next week. History WITH God makes for a much more interesting learning experience! Teacher just smiled at Student's remarks of LOVING HISTORY! Afterall, it is His-story. God IS in everything, it's up to people to search for Him.

And Warrior, seeking ways to make his daily rote exercises, anew, played number pool today!

After counting through the complete chart, he shot the ball at the number orally specifies by Teacher. And what a shot he is!

Reading in his latest library pick, Warrior gets answers for curious questions of WHY!?
Today's curious contestant was time and how animals, plants and people have an inner clock.

Preparing for the world of GETTING ALONG WITH OTHERS, but NOT adjusting the Bible's definition of truth, Student and Warrior find inventing new uses for old objects quite the group exercise!

But, when alone times comes, Student does enjoy the peace. She has finished her latest stash of reading material and the Homeschol just MUST find time to gallop over to the local library. Yes, she really would spend the whole school day reading, and so somedays, she does! Thanks to God for this love He has put in her heart!

Continuing with the virgin birth in our Bible lessons, the children spent some computer time arranging nativities. Nativity: the story of one's birth.

Student's symmetrical arrangement:

Warrior's high in-the-sky angel arrangement:

May each receive blessings of being in His perfect stormy or calm...right smack dab in the center, this Christmas season. Amen.

Winter Wednesday

Yes, it's getting colder.
No, the energy is NOT any less.
Yes, the world has seen a lot of the Homeschool, and Winter isn't officially here, yet!

Leaving campus for a playdate, Student had an Art project, as well!

She is always ready for play with little girls. And this she had. But the impromptu lesson on Tissue Ball construction was a welcome second! Thanks, Aunt Kathy.

Gathered for snack, even Mascot sat like a little gent. With all energy sitting still, they were recharged to head back to campus for lessons.

Lessons that would amount to only a Halfie, Warrior multi-tasked to make the most of his pre-nap learning! Snack AND Social Studies are an obvious match in his eyes!

Thank you, God of the universe, for taking care of our details this year of learning. May we do all our handiwork with all of our might... in Your name, Amen.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tuesday Anew

Beginning the day at the doctor's office to restore health for both Warrior and Mascot. Each having a sinus infection, the beginning of homeschool was justly delayed. It was Warrior's recognition of the eye chart that brought an early-morning smile to Teacher! As he had just learned about the chart in his Social Studied lesson this week about kinds of doctors. He pointed it out and told Teacher all about it!

And with such care given to us, all felt the presence of God by the work in the personnel throughout the visit there.

Onto healthier and more private learning opportunities back at the Homeschool. Student retreated up to her room for studies while Mascot looked on.

She was quite glad to have time in her room for lessons. She lied on her back and did the feet-on-the-ceiling dance!

Having a book nearby, awaiting the completion of the other lessons, Student could barely stand to wait to finish her latest Boxcar Children mystery!

Not unseen by Mascot, Student's story problem work with manipulatives made his day!

Meanwhile, Warrior worked his seatwork to completion so he could have more Art time to finish his paper heros...not paper dolls, mind you!

Finishing up with some reading in the dinosaur alphabet book, and his Bible lesson, Warrior chose to complet his studies on the couch.

Counting down to prize-fishing day, Friday will surely come soon!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday Back, Again

The hiatus is back off, again! Holidays are so sweet and such a need to recharge.

In the sunshine and pumping it up! Student, Warrior and Mascot share mats for sit-ups and push-ups.

Mascot has really gotten a hang of hanging with the bigger kiddos. There isn't much going on these days that he ISN'T a part of! What a blessing!

Student is readying her singing voice for the Christmas parade. She has her carols in hand and is taking time to sing during this Advent season.

Her writing today, focused on the 3 parts of a story and how completing each part in order is key. She loved the opportunity to draw pictures to help her brain organize the words. However, her idea of a completed assignment doesn't include REVISIONS! So, alas, Teacher has to be teacher more than once a day, and revisions conquered and we all learned something!

And, almost as much as Student reads, she draws. She says she would like to be a fashion designer or make-up artist when she's grown. Her illustration gifts remind Teacher of Principal's! And, really, her prayers are that God's purpose for her would bring her to the city! She says she likes the country, but loves the city!

This curvy sketch was part of Teacher's birthday card last week!

Our Bible lesson is focusing on the birth of Christ. We checked out a colorful book with rhyming for the sake of Warrior. He's still focused on the beginning sounds of words for Reading, that the whole rhyming idea really throws him off. Each day we will read a different version of the Nativity of Christ and know how such a babe born to die for us is a wonderful gift!

Warrior's seatwork had his attention with the information of doctors. He hasn't been to the optometrist in his short life, as of yet, so the eye chart he thought quite fun!

It was the information on shots that he couldn't listen to because he was too focused on the picture itself! He circles each picture in the order he wants Teacher to talk about them, and he was hesitant, but didn't save the SHOT til last! What a brave boy!

It was a day completed with a time of activity at the rec center. It was after the indoor play that the kiddos wanted just 5 minutes at an outdoor park. They agreed that upon hearing Teacher honk, they would come running...and they did!

Praise be to God for His presence of beauty in this world. The sun shines like no other today, and His care is around us. Amen

Friday Super School

It's here! It's Here! It's here!

WORKING a whole week is a practice the Homeschool needs to get back into, and both Student and Warrior did great! It's Teacher who had to push to make it happen. Thanking our steadfast Lord for His determination and perseverance!

Reading about snow has been Warrior's choice topic since Fall hit. Today's cpzy Reading togetherness took place on the couch with some freshly-picked local pears!

Warrior has begun to recognize his daily routine very well. Many of his activities are to promote his memorization of certain facts. And so his rote learning brings a small twist on it when it can!

Grabbing some buttons from the jar, Teacher let Warrior place them on the number orally stated. Then, Warrior let Teacher have a turn finding the numbers he picked! He loves playing teacher!

Warrior has also graduated onto complete sentences in his Handwriting. He is just getting the hang of Reading the entire sentence and then repeating it. He loves to make jokes about the sentence by looking at the picture clues! Really a relative of Papa D we can see!

Student has been reading one to two Box Car Children books per day! Her trips to the library are increasing! Good thing we are just a half mile from the local library!

Teacher sees that Student has escaped the lens of the camera lately, and so she is represented by her latest gift from Auntie Ang...Hello Kitty fleece pajamas, a regular uniform for Winter Homeschool!

Quickly finishing up our daily load, Principal made it back to present the super prizes to Student and Warrior! Warrior earned his long-awaited boxing gloves, and Student earned her asked-for alarm step closer to REAL LIFE!

Thursday School

Yes, there is a holiday break approaching...

So, down to business. Super School continues for all!

In addition to the status quote work...

Puzzle work for Mascot, as he seems to always be helping the other students. He has even been swiping cups from the dining table and taking them to the bathtub and filling them with waer for snack time! What a helper! 14 months and counting!

Serious stretching followed by Yo Gabba Gabba! Not to be confused with an ATTENTION DEFICIT PROMOTER... as the Homeschool doesn't partake in it's colorful and
fast presentation EVERYDAY!

Cooking for self AND others, strawberry muffins, a flavor pick from Student.

Warrior even double-dutied during his Phonics! He has graduated to his first non-phonetic sound! E can say EEE as in ME!

Counting the giveaways before delivering them, Warrior licked his lips!

Thanks be to God for helping the Homeschool continue in a Super week.
All the glory and honor to Him! Amen.