Monday, November 14, 2011

Wednesday Notes

Addressing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with your heart...Eph 5:19

Let us do such praising with melodies of Student's first duet!

What a blessing this year has been with the addition of coop classes on Monday and Friday. After class, to the library go!

Tuesday Together

Together, some.
Alone, some.
In Student's bed, some!

Teacher said if it was ONLY reading going on in Student's bed, then student's bed is open for his visit.

Writing, not being her favorite, Student does however like to share her work. Reading her story aloud, she doesn't have to ask Warrior to quiet down as he's still in her bed. Thus, she's happy to share!

Mascot uses his favorite POINTER to choose the country the Homeschool can pray for today. Those red and orange countries on the map currently persecute Christian solely for their faith, and we are called to pray for those suffering, and mourn with those who mourn, so we practice that here at the Schoolhouse. Cousin wanted to take note of which countries were Bible-friendly so he didn't go to the wrong one on vacation, sweet boy that he is!

Reviewing the month song, rug time is complete.

Working his skip-counting skills, Warrior is up to 2s, 5s and 10s. Can't wait to see him connect this counting with coins! That's the kind of thing his brain really gets a kick out of.

And to be the only third grader, usually means for seatwork, so as the others fill the floor, Student continues in her work. Diligence in her prayer journal among the other lessons, this is the focus we are called to.

2Peter 3:14
Therefore, beloved, since you are waiting for these, be diligent to be found by him without spot or blemish, and at peace.

Monday Field Trip

Because Principal chooses to spend this day with the Homeschool, off to the State Fair it is!

Trains make children happy, no matter their age!

Taffy makes Teachers happy, no matter their age!

And happiness if the Lord, truly. This we know.

Monday Beginning

Finding the math of an art project too-complicated, Teacher calls Principal in for assistance!

And so his brain and our hands collectively finished HALF of our first Pinterest-inspired project!

As for rug time, those kiddos scrunched down and squatteed for their chance to JUMP up for their birthday month during our 12 months of the year lesson for cousin. He hadn't heard the Homeschool's rendition before today, but he's in love now!

Back to desks for piano activities. Studying up on their note-reading, Cousin is certainly thinking hard!

Working puzzles and practicing 0-5 times tables, this morning has been a blessing, A reminder from our Father in heaven that all good things come from Him.

Having some quiet-space for Reading, Warrior chooses the dining room to speed through his lesson and hit the outdoors as soon as possible.

Student, also loving the Autumn weather blessings, is putting her artistic talents to work for the 1st Annual LIFE RIDE to take place over the next weekend. Lord, may you get the glory and honor as you are a God of truth. May your truth be celebrated on bikes this weekend!

Finally Friday

With the knowledge that cousin will arrive soon, one would think that the Homeschool would get dressed for the day BEFORE starting school...but that's not always the case.

Really, Teacher could take time out of the learning to require that Warrior and Mascot cover with clothing, but then the delay of tasks could be extensive. Distractions come to Warrior as often as he breathes, so the ruling is COME AS YOU ARE. Just how Jesus accepts us... and complete your lessons so that you have enough time to scramble for clothes before escorting Student to the dentist!

Ah, yes, the dentist. When one schools at home and the receptionist can call and ask one to get to the office in 5 minutes foe sealants, yes, this is yet another joy of life at the Homeschool.

Cousin and Warrior read together and played quietly with the lobby toys, as was the report from the staff behind the counter. YAY! Chalk this visit up as one positive representation of home-educators. As this is not always the case, we thank God for children and their learning to choose to do what is right, even when Teacher isn't in the room! This means PARKTIME!

Not only did the children enjoy the sun and fun...

this lone dog was quite happy to share the park, too!

Cousin just knew it was a good thing that Teacher had the camera and insisted that a picture be taken of the dog and immediately we begin the search for the owner! He had visited the local donut shop that morning and remembered an LOST ad with a dog picture and tried to put his head with the others' to devise a plan to wrangle the dog while all drove to the donut shop to compare pictures.

Only minutes into their brainstorming, the owner yelled from around the corner, and dog's playtime was over. As for the Homeschool? Play and school are jut another blessing from Jehovah that opens the little minds of these children for Teacher to look into with amazement. Taste and see that our Lord is GOOD!

Thursday Work

Add one, and three sit in desks! It's been an amazing Fall to spent time with cousin.

Somehow Warrior transfers the competitive spirit into sitting! Any motivation for sitting is encouraged by Teacher.

And when else does his competitive spirit brought out?

In play.

In P.E.

Warrior hit a new P.R. with 26 jumps with a rope. This kis MUST be a middle child! He's comparing all things, pushing all boundaries...may God align this competitive spirit to bring Him glory.

As for Mascot, he just wants to be a part of whatever Student is doing. Turning a jumprope into a microphone is just another way he brings joy to our daily learning.

And when to rest? Tent time. Good old brother and sister togetherness in the backyard under the sunshine. In the shade, and at peace. Thanks be to God the Father of all good things!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Monday Exposure

Having joined the local Home Educators Association, the Homeschool has exposed itself! Yes, among OTHERS whom God has called to this task of teaching and training children, it is a good thing.

This creates a schedule on both Monday and Friday that involve leaving campus.
Monday is Piano and Sign Language. Warrior seems to think it's a treat both to play AND do the activities!

An answer to prayer, the Piano teacher trades the lessons to Student and Warrior for group Signing lessons taught by Teacher.

Not all things are new this year, though. The fishing chart was a favorite for both Student and Warrior, so they have constructed their Fall 2012 charts and prepare to finish each days' lessons to place a sticker in the square and FISH for a prize each Friday.

Working side-by-side, Teacher can't wait to see what this arrangement brings!

Making use of in-between lesson time, Warrior has been digging into the flashcards box. And Student has taken it upon herself to learn a few Spanish words each month. So she gets permissoin to keep a handful in her desk each month. Now that's a priveledge!

The POINTER has been a popular addition to the classroom this year. Teacher just couldn't pass it up on the $1 rack at Target! Really, now, if Warrior and Mascot will just believe Teacher that it is NEVER EVER to be used as a sword, all should be safe! It's been a nice addition to Warrior's skip-counting efforts. He's been working though 2s, 5s and 10s.

And to complete the classroom, a newer globe! Grammy eyed this gem! It plugs in and offers a light display of the constellations God designed in the night sky. LOVELY! We are so thankful.

Fall 2011: New Beginnings

It arrived! The new year came, and each is older and
fosters a stronger hunger for knowledge!

Lord, may this year lead us to where You would have us to go.
May our thoughts and words be pleasing to You,
as we use these brains You have given, to
renew our minds daily.
In Jesus name, amen.

Here it is, the new classroom!
Bluish, yes.

No kidding, clothes on and hair up? This MUST have been the FIRST day of the year!

Principal suggested that Teacher blog in PAST tense since she's not usually caught up on posting the daily school happenings!

And so that's what one will read, the PAST happenings of our 2011-2012 schoolyear here, on the schoolhouse 27 blog.

That's the OFFICIAL name anyhow, each private school must legally have a name. Considering Student isn't the ONLY pupil anymore, Teacher and Principal redesigned the banner and voila!

And to top-off the first day of Kindergarten for Warrior, and 3rd grade foe Student: the piercing of Student's ears! What a proud day for the Homeschool. The whole gang was right there supporting her through the ear0gun trigger-pulling!

She didn't seem to feel much pain, but her eyes truly sparkled. Those sparkles that come with each right-of-passage in this life. Yes, those are the ones, the ones that say the babies are growing up.

Lord above, help we as parents to nurture Your children with knowledge, love and admonition of You. In Jesus name, amen.

Friday Goodbyes

Reviewing special sounds, and writing his favorite word...

what a growing Warrior!

Read once more, when Teacher is looking...

and Praise God for the renewing of our minds daily. THank Him for His
eternal Word that never changes.

Summer, here comes the Homeschool...

Thursday Together

Call it school and get it over with!

Consider getting dressed for your last days of preschool, would you Warrior?

If it means he gets to go outside, then he's agreed to add clothing to
cover his body.

Ready, set, GO!

Run into summer and leave the schoolyear behind.

Who DOESN'T flip for summer?!

Praise Him for a new season!
Thank you, Jesus!

Thankful Wednesday

After the wrapping paper is wadded,
and the presents take their place in her room, Student is taking time to thank those who blessed her with their presence and gifts on her 8th birthday.

Naturally, at the top of the list: Grammy!

Continuing time in her favorite chair, Spelling and Language fill the morning.

And what can pull a girl from her favorite chair? Laundry!

Busy boys configure tessellations and read together.

God is good, and summer is almost here!