Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday Wish Wash

In the sun, that is where the Homeschool's wish wash took place! And so the pictures are in Teacher's mind only, but our prayers for mercy and favor from Canon have been answered as they will be fixing and shipping the broken now fixed camera in the next 7 days! FOR FREE! That's the God of details right there!

Swinging Spelling,
brought Student these words:





These new sounds were being introduced, and Student loved the girlie words best! Ure in pure, and ture in picture.

Bible History, Math, Language, and Reading all filled the afternoon with room for violin, of course! After finding a rock with a suitable-sized platform to perform in the backyard, Student ventured indoors to record this latest work on Allegro...

Blessings of His warmth and care in the shining sky are felt by the Homeschool today. Thanks, God. Our minds are in continued prayer for Mr. Todd's family. Praise to the God of mercy for answering our prayers and bringing him through his first surgery today!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday News

Student's favorite computer time lately has been the Precious Girls Club. It has been fun to stay connected with yet another avenue to encourage her respectful behavior and moral choices. She was gifted a video from Grammy that is about having a little faith, and Warrior asks with excitement, as not-so-excited Principal looks on, Can we watch Precious Girls Club? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaase! Principal asks that Warrior gets adequate time to have other influences from the television other than this girl club... and yes, we answer him respectfully with LARRY BOY!

Student continued with temperature and calendar review in Mathematics. She thought the little birdie mouth cute, which reminded her of the <> symbols in her number comparisons. She said she always wondered what those signs on the keyboard were for! Oh the changes and advances of the new generations! And what an intuitive girl to notice her surroundings on a keyboard and not just use the letters. Teacher remembers her Kindergarten teacher, beloved Mrs. Palmer, stating that Student could pay attention to others' situations while fulfilling her duty at the same time...guess she's born and bread for the big sister role! Thanks, God!

Also in Math, her seatwork included this poem which she read aloud. Complete with short pauses for the commas, and beginning with the title. Her oral reading is beautiful.
Jesus, Risen Lord

Jesus, Son of God,
Taught by Galilee.

Jesus, Lamb of God,
Died at Calvary.

Jesus, Risen Lord,
Prays for you and me.

--Judy Howe

Art brought critical thinking to play while Student took a page full of circles and turned them into halves and such for a delightful spring duckie!

Our Bible lesson came to us from the book of Luke. We read of the Prodigal Son, and Student was to note the moral. Something about learning from a scenerio and then putting it into practice makes Teacher realize that NOT only the first grader at the Homeschool can learn from this. How much do we as adults need reminding of this, too?! Oh the little things that matter for eternity, give us your strength, oh God!

Little things like Teacher keeping calm to endure tiring fits of frustration during violin practice. AGain, only by the grace of God do we homeschool. And so we practiced the first lines of Student's 2 new pieces: Morning Has Broken & Alegro. Yes, uncle Toby, that is the Cat Stevens song...can't wait to play it for you! Student, we mean! Her's the first line of Allegro for now...

And Warrior got to hold the remote control while pointing to his lesson parts today. His recognition of body parts brought only these 3 questions:
Where's the waist, palm, and hips?
He confidently pointed to each of the others we named, and wasn't sure he should give the remote back when he was finished... but our talks lately of doing what is right and not what we want, seem to have made a difference today.
Lord, help our children to abide in Your love. Today and forever. Amen.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Make a Difference Monday

Today is a day of many in the lives of the Homeschool that we desire to show a random act of kindness to, in the name of Christ, hence, Make a Difference Monday!

On our list is:
2 families with new babies, a birthday girl, and a birthday boy.
Student gives directions for such Monday Cinnamon Rolls.
Go First Grade Baking Warriors!

First you make the dough, and let it rise. Then when it's done rising, make the glob of dough into two halves, then into fourths. You roll it out. Then you put melted butter everywhere but about an inch away from the edge. And, then, you put cinnamon and brown sugar allover. Then roll the dough up and cut it into 5-8 pieces. And put them into a pan with foil and greased or buttered. Then you put just a little bit if butter on top of each and bake for 15minutes.
Note from Teacher: Not sure when the last cinnamon rolls we made were, but RECIPE needs altering on baketime: 35 minutes was more accurate.

Really, the rolling, the karate chopping, the smushing of sugar, this was a cooking affair worthy of Warrior's help!

As the birthday boy will be joining us for supper, Student set the table extra nicely with her outdoor to indoor center piece of ffresh sprouts and decayed pines.

And thanks to The only God that keeps His promises, Warrior and Student hit the hood hard fighting crime in the sunshine. Rocket blasters in hand, their Activity was full of running, climbing and swinging. Got to love the Homeschool playground! It's a block long!

And did we remember to dig into the books? Well, yes, of course. The May 1st deadline for our end-of-year celebration is fast approaching. And what better motivation than SUMMER?!

Mathematics brought Student into the subtraction family of number 11. She has no problem associating the family of 10 and adding a number to the answer! What a mind created with love from above! Teacher had no such relative thinking in math until college!

Student read, and read some more. As we read our Bible lesson together, she finally stopped Reading and listened to her favorite prable: the Lost Coin.

Warrior sighted his fav with the Shepard and the lost Sheep.

Mascot spent time standing with Student. He and his four teeth are a constant addition to the hip of Student, as her Life Skills and motherly love develop on a daily basis. Thanks to The Lord of Life for granting us another life to care and grow in the grace and admonition of Him.

The Homeschool spent two sessions in special prayer for a friend that had a work accident today. We shall end asking our Merciful Father again:
Lord in Heaven,
You are amazing. You have created each of us with a purpose. You have a list of goodworks You desire to do through Mr. Todd. We pray on his behalf that his life would be spared and he would live to continue on with his family and tell the glories of the Lord in his life. We believe that you command your angels concerning us in ALL of our ways, we ask your angels to stay close to him during his time in the hospital. May the Dr.s look to you for wisdom, as Your Word says yYou give wisdom to any who ask for it, so we ask on their behalf. Lord who loves us more than anything, may Your kingdom be glorified through this accident. Comfort His family we pray, in Jesus name, AMEN,

Friday Holiday

11 years and counting. God's grace is sufficient for us, and parents having been married for 11 years calls for Grammy to sit and parents to celebrate!

Happy Holiday Homeschool!

Thursday: Feet on the Ground

Does the Homeschool remember this day by now?

C'mon Teacher, think HARD! HARDER!

Well, it was a Math day with the introduction of greater than > and less than < symbols...ummm...

Reading pretty much is daily...

Traveled in the sun and wind to Student's Violin lesson...

Remembering a faint Bible lesson including Warrior asking questions about the miracles of Jesus...

This blog is a legal log requirement... we just have fun posting pictures and blessings and memories and reminders of WHAT NOT TO DO next time! And so that's what this day as, a day of learning now logged at the Homeschool!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Wish Wash

Reading in the morning, Reading in the noontime, Reading at Supper time! Today's Reading brought this summary from Student of William Tell:

In Switzerland a long long time ago. There was an army that took over the land, and a man that became the new ruler. And, he put his hat on a pole and it was in the public square and every one had to bow to the hat. But William Tell did not. So he had to go to jail for a long long time. And so, after that happened he said he was going to let him free, but the next day his son was going to be on one side of the tow square and if the apple on his head was not shot, but his son was, he said he would shoot his son before everyone's eyes. And the next day the arrow given to shoot the child was bent, and it hit the apple instead. Everyone but him was happy. The man thought that he had more friends than he had, so the man went away and the country was free again!

Math had a tall order for Student as she completed 2 pages of seatwork and new ideas of carrying over. Her fun of equilateral shapes expanded her excitement of graph paper! And of course the triangles couldn't just be lonely shapes...Student turned them into a dino!

Self-led Art brought more spring into the Homeschool! Dutch shoes and blooms galore!

Ready for lessons tomorrow with Mrs. S, Student will deliver her full version of Long Long Ago...can't wait to move onto the next song! Teacher thinks everyone in the Homeschool will vote for that!

Computer time was a group effort today as we participated in a Live Online Event. Fun and family go together hand-in-hand! We worked on our family tree. Parts of the game were hilarious, with popcorn popping into the air and sheep running with bowls to catch the flying grain! Other parts were confusing to Warrior, as he had to sort out which grandpa went to which parent...

History in the Bible today was all about transfiguration. From the Gospels, Student reminded Teacher, that many may call them ghosts, but they didn't know what else to call them. They were a vision, like a dream! Ok, no fear here, AMEN! And when we see Jesus and Moses next time, we'll know it's all real, too! Even so, Lord Jesus, come quickly!

Venturing out in between heaven's showers, during Mascot's nap, Warrior and Student assisted Teacher with some bicycle surgery.

The 16mm wrench just wouldn't budge with the force of Teacher's muscles, though. Oh to have the power of Principal around. Unsuccessful, Student and Warrior opted to finish the afternoon indoors with a little drama of King and Knight with a baby dragon arousing in the cave...

In preparation for AWANA, Warrior made of list of the ways he has loved his neighbor and helped them this week:
Loved Dad and helped find his pool stick
Loved Mom and helped do the dishes.
Loved Student and helped her when she was hurt.
Loved Mascot and kept him safe by holding him correctly.

And congrats to Student who earned her Sparks review patch tonight! Only 4 more nights of Awana before summer break! Let the countdown begin!

Tuesday Hospitality

The Homeschool was blessed with great news of yet another blessing from the Lord: Baby Isabella was born over the weekend! Two parents are enjoying the changes and sacrifice that brings new purpose to life. Godbless their family with health and rest, AMEN!

Homeschool spent the majority of the day preparing and tasting the meal we cooked for their family. Prinicipal suggested the main dish: Stuffed Turkey Roll. Warrior helped turn apples into Oatmeal Apple Muffins.

Student helped entertain and distract Mascot so Teacher could accomplish the other meal mates.

When the supper we complete we sent it with love and hospitality without grumbling including a message of love:

Proverbs 17:6
Children's children are a crown to the aged,
and parents are the pride of their children.

Also in the Homeschool day Student learned the ever-so-detailed task of revising! With much delay and angst, her story as follows was complete, with ONE revision. No more, please! Was the familiar plea, oh how Teacher remembers the pain of revising...The main correction was once upon a time, as separate words! So true that when reading, I usually read those familiar words very quickly, and run them together: onceuponatime was quite the compound word before her revising! She then argued that a good story didn't have to have a problem in need of resolving, so she came out on top with this personal narrative!

Snowy Day Once upon a time a snowy day came. The children went to play outside! Warrior was the first one out. Then, me, then daddy. First we had a snowball fight. Dad got me six times! After that we had cocoa. We had a nap, we played pool, we watched tv, and went to bed!

Learning all about graph paper in Math, Student began her line graph on the week's temperature highs. She likes using a straight edge, and since the last wooden ruler at the Homeschool bit the dust (during Warriors ching fighting aka: sword fighting) she adapted with the edge of a Larry Boy dvd. Quite nicely, Teacher must add. A tool is what you make it!

Finishing up a review of the Revolutionary War and the Constitution, we discussed the current event of the health bill passing. Also in the news, this week is Pray for Sudan week. They are preparing for elections and change. May God continue the desire for peace, but above all may every heart present in that land know the peace of Christ and it's rewards! Amen

Reading, what else could fill so much of Student's time? Intently reading through more stories in the 2nd grade Abeka reader, she just had to leave the book behind to catch some sun and skating Activity with the neighbors. Warrior created icecream with his bicycle and all the new sprouts of spring plants...all in a day at the Homeschool.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Music

Reading keeps on bringing new ideas and stories into Student's brain. She began Reading in the Abeka 2nd Grade storybook from Mrs. Val. She picked her fav of 6 stories she read in the sunny backyard and summarized the Real Princess to Warrior. He even related it to the puppet show he last saw at the local library. Those thinkers!

Language had Student practicing more sentence structure and cursive along the way. TOday's topic: breakfast.
Four things you like for breakfast:

Two sentences about your fav breakfast:
My favorite was eggs! Breakfast is your first meal so your hungry!

Violin moves through Long Long Ago as we wish for it to be LONG LONG GONE...we tried playing a game to have fun reviewing for the special guest-teacher this weekend at peer group class, and it did bring smiles to our faces!

Math brought practice of number lines concepts, and Mr. Clock review. Student also worked on feet to yard conversions. She had thoughts as to whether to use a ruler or yard stick to measure the following:
Rug in living room: yard stick
Violin: ruler
Porch: yard stick

Subtracting double-digit numbers, and learning about scale drawings, Student completed her work!

It was Mascot that had a skill-developmental lesson from Warrior today: the sock ball!

Working on returning items given to him, eye-control to focus on moving objects, awareness of throwing an object with a ouroise (doesn't EVERY boy need to learn this?!) and further eye-hand coordination, Mascot enjoyed his learning-play with big Warrior!

Cuddling for a pre-nap read, Warrior asked for Lil Bill! Mascot much enjoyed the bright illustrations, and it wasn't until Warrior squeezed Mascots leg for kicking him that the reading and warmth was interrupted. Alas, to nap he goes, and to play the Homeschool goes!

Friday Fun

Note to Teacher: When a company spends efforts and finances to apply a wrist string for helping camera-users NOT to drop and break their camers, one should use it. THE END

After Teacher learned a lesson and dropped the Homeschool camera, learning proceeded for all others as well. Expanding our knowledge daily, we began our end-of-the-week learning in Bible History. Student and Warrior finished pledges and began the lesson on the good Samaritan.

Student then had to read a list of 3-5 instructions, and then follow them in order without re-reading them. She did this well, and even cracked quite a few smiles. After Reading her Amelia Bedilia book from cousin Maggie, we all had some laughs about directions and ow careful we need to be to include specifics and certain language. Thus, Student wrote her directions for Warrior as follows:
First read Snuggle puppy.
Next Find something ruby red.
Lastly take a nap

And he didn't argue a word, but succinctly followed her every direction. If the instructions are written he apparently doesn't call it BOSSY! We'll make note of this and have more writing in the future Student just to keep the peace on those rainy days of much indoor play!

Math was the only seatwork for our day. And that was all we scrunched in before our afternoon 2.5 mile ride to and from the park! Meeting Amiee and the troops for some good ol' Pre-Spring Activity!

Truly, the days are passing. And our May Day goal of ending First Grade's year of assignments is nearing...we can't be any more thankful! God has allowed this year of obedience in Homeschooling to be successful and enjoyable. Though as all things He calls us to do, they sometimes bring us out of our comfort zone, Homeschool has created new insight for all of us. Just as marriage and parenting in general are not easy or always comfortable, God comforts us not to make us comfortable but to make us comforters. Thanks to our Father for calling us to this mission that is great in His eyes, and worth the work in ours!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Thursday: Feet on the Ground

Morning seatwork to be done, as there is a birthday party awaiting the smiling face of Student. Not her own, but a friend in fact that according to Student,"If you can't make it, Mom, I will do fine on my own."

And isn't this the prayer of every parent? When the day comes to release these blessings into the wild, that they will do WONDERS for the Kingdom and just fine for themselves. So, she completed her work, wrapped the lil' rocket doll and awaited her ride in the sun...

Updated dolly with heart and bow, to add that Student-touch...

After returning to the Homeschool with vast amounts of enrgy, candy, and stories of girldom, Student settled in and read her complete version of 20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea. All 60 pages! All 5 chapters! Politely refusing a snack or time to watch a movie...that's a love instilled from the Maker and Teacher is so thankful! And thanks to Mrs. Val and her Homeschool gang for the book blessing!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday Wilderness

Wilderness Road, to be exact. Student is getting through the still-needed American History. Daniel Boone also fit into today's lesson. No big smiles or groans either way for Student, she just listened and learned.

It was the violin practice that brought out the groaning. But Student made it through Long Long Ago, and will have another quick practice tonight for Principal when he returns from the workday.

Mascot and Warrior read Dr. Seuss together. The growing age of Mascot is more obvious with the Homeschool events of reading, as he lets no book go unread! Don't even try to sneak and read without him, either.

Student scored 80% on today's Spelling list:
√ chaot (caught)
√ pillo (pillow)

Finishing up Phonics and Language with review of pronouns and examples of antonyms and synonyms, Student was ready for a break! Math break to be exact!

Writing the long name for numbers and adding combinations with 4 addends, Student enjoyed the flashcard work. Making the pages kid-sized makes all the difference some days!

Warrior is also growing as he now plays the actual learning games on his toy-computers instead of just using them to make racket to distract Student from her studies...well, sometimes he still distracts, but what else are boys for bu to annoy those in their immediate environment and get a kick out of it? Got to love the little men!

Carted and rolled around all-the-live-long-Homeschool-day, Mascot served his purpose: ceating smiles on family faces! Through Bible History, Cursive Writing, and yet more Reading, our little trooper rolled in-style!

Thank you Lord above for adding your grace and mercy in the presence of our littlest adiition, that makes some of the biggest difference in our day! Amen

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday News

True to our love, the Homeschool began a new sewing project today.

Student turned this...

to this...

Looking like a rocket-girl, this lil dolly will have a new home for a special friend's birthday this week! Go STUDENT!

Were we supposed to accomplish other tasks too?

Call it a Halfie with Reading and Activity on Heely's so we can go home.

Thanks to God for answering prayers of sunshine today. May we focus on completing the task you have laid before us in First Grade this year. Keeping our eyes on the prize. Amen.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Make a Difference Monday

Making a difference in our local community, for our and other uninsured families, is a Christ-centered Health Clinic. We are so thankful for their commitment to bring healthcare in the name of Jesus, so cookies they were given! Our card of thanks included a verse quite familiar to the daily duties of the Homeschool:
Eccles 9:10
"Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might."

Also sending cookies to Pap M and Principal's coworkers, the snickerdoodles and chocolate chip cookies went fast!

Student turned the tables on Teacher and read our first lesson from the Holy Bible today, reading aloud the Gospel accounts of the sower. Teacher picked up with the death of John the Baptist. This was the first Bible Teacher had seen with an illustration, and though it was not in great detail, the blood was evident, and enough for a girl reader, that is!

Writing was timely with the soon migration of the monarchs through the midwest, as Student wrote her butterfly story like this:
Title: Sally's Butterfly
One day Sally saw something. Look! Look! Look Mama?
what is this? oh! that is a caterpiller. Look Sally it crawls. can we pute it in a jar? why yes lets do that yah! the next day Look Wawa at 500! In the morning! What Sally look Look what is in the jar. that is a chrysalis the catapillar goes in and turns into a butterfly! By Student

Finishing up seatwork wih the introduction of subtracting 2 digit numbers, Stduent took quite an extended time to do so. She understood well, Teacher just had to offer some tree-climing time for motivation!

World History brought us to Islam. Teacher thought it disturbing how a first grade classroom would normally be subjected to such a History without the inclusion of the Bible. We went back to the decisions of Abraham and Sarah and Hagar. We also learned about the flag symbols, the solar calendar and the practice of fasting for Ramadan. We both read that not even water was aloud for the month. No food, no water would die! Student and Teacher were just sure that their month must not be as long as ours, but we found that they have 12 months a year and each is approximately 3o days, as well. So, this was confusing. Also learning about their flag symbols and green colored turbans thought to be worn in paradise, the ending thoughts from Student were this:
It's sad that Jerusalem isn't a city of God anymore. Cool that it will one day be the NEW JERUSALEM!

Outdoors in the almost-spring sunshine, Warrior helped collect trash from the foliage in the backyard. He squealed with delight at the presence of the Resurrection Lilies and said, Everything is new!

We began to learn about and prepare the garden. Warrior, under close adult supervision during Mascot's nap, helped with clipping the old vines to make room for the new in the flower bed next to the garage.

Mascot didn't want Student to be the only one reading, so he came inside from the sun to read, too.

Ending the Homeschool day with a wish, we head to the great outdoors yet again, for it was Warrior that got his wish with the beginning of daylight saving time: more outdoor time!

Friday Fun

What seems to be a spring-spurt, both Warrior and Studentare sleeping and eating more than ever! So, after a vote from Student to continue through spring break next week with the goal of finishing the school year by May Day, we will march on.

It's today, though, after the late-sleeping morn, and the company for lunch, the hospitable Homeschool traveled to the local Metropolis and smiled at overstimulation: a trip to Chuck E. Cheese! We're calling it our spring holiday.

And we're thanking God all the way! From the safe travel, to the free tickets given to Student by a parent...315 free tickets to be exact!

From the time being shared with friends, to a home to come back to. You God, are overflowing the Hoemschool's cup! Thank you.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Thumbnails

Little by little, we recognize the intricate workings of a Father who delights in His children. A Creator who takes note of details and orchestrates them into perfection. We stand as a Homeschool, amazed at the daily opportunities to build our knowledge of Him.

First things first, Warrior had some people to save while pulling himself along the rope...fabric to some, rope to another. His imagination is growing daily!

It was yet another recent blessing of friends giving us materials they didn't need any longer. Knowing this is God's economy, Teacher remembered that God wastes nothing. He uses it all. He can work good through anything. And that's what He did today!

Student cuddled up on the couch next to the grayed window and read from these 1970s materials. Saying aloud, THESE ARE GOOD! Gotta love all things old skool! Student had some time of peace and rest. It was after the business of traveling Principal back to work, meeting for violin lesson, and taking a trip to the basement for a practice Tornado drill. The Homeschool found solace in our Bible readings accounting some miracles of Jesus. And for snack the strawberries and brown sugar tasted extra-delicious! What love He lavishes upon us! It's been far too long of a winter without the bright sweet little dears in out fruit diet.

It was Student's discovery of glitter in the craft cabinet that prompted her ocean drawing. Plans of where to put the glitter were made, but the coloring went slowly, and glitter will just have to sprinkle another day. Oh to delay the mess, that's ok with Teacher!

Ending the homeschool day with a lesson in the life skills, Warrior helped prepare his requested deviled eggs. Glory to God for all things, even the simple.

Wonka Wednesday

The wonderment of children, that must be part of God's thinking as to why all should be like a adults we have loss the sense of wonder. The capacity to feel wonder. The innocence to believe in wonder any longer. The hardened heart that desires more and higher levels of wonder just to get that feeling.

Student has Wonka on the brain. KLOVE announced the golden ticket contest and Student has been reading of different countries around the world since. She read 4 different books today, reading of Swiss chocolate, India celebrations and Dr. Seuss imagination. What more could a trip around the world offer? Well, Student was thinking of how many people she could help with the $12,000 prize money. Our thoughtful Student's heart is growing in the Lord every day.

Another book read today was Auoto B Good. Thanks to Grammy, We'll be seeing more of these characters! Book reading time was only part of the Homeschool's treat, as we were treaeted to lunch as well. Thanks for blessing us, the Lord shows His love thrugh many, and we felt it today from Grammy.

After seatwork in Phonics and Math, we baked some banana-chocolate-chip muffins. Mascot sprawled out on the kitchen floor and Student stirred with ilttle excitement while Warrior awaited the final ingredient addition, because he knows the rule: lick at the end!

Student usually assumes a different name when cooking, as we play cooking show. But today, History was on her mind and we played slaves to a royal family. Teacher assumed the slave mother-Katerina, and Student became Dutchess the child-slave.

I wish we could taste these chocolate chips. But the rules say we can't. We can't even lick the bowl when we are done. I know the other cooks sometimes break the rules, or burn the food to be mad at the Queen for her rules.

What rules?

I heard that the Princess is taught to be snorty at the slaves.

Well, we have to evaluate the source of truth. WHere did you hear that?

I heard it from the Queen. She was telling the Princess she didn't have to show love to slaves.

Oh, well that is sad. I wish she would choose to be not-so-snotty.

Well, I have to go 3 hours up the mountain and 3 hours back down to run the errands. I'll be back tonight.

Take a muffin and drink in your canteen so you have food.

Ok. See you tonight when I get back.

And that was that, the muffins were soon done and both Warrior and Student shared with their Awana teachers to thank them for their work.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday News

News, indeed! Student selected her favorite parts of the local neswpaper she used in the Homeschool yesterday and created her very own issue...what a morning! She included the following...

And Teacher spent the morning sewing...

And Warrior spent the morning fishing...

Then there was Mascot...quiet and content...

It was after lunch with Principal that the Homeachool got to some book-learning!
Beginning with Bible History, we read in the Gospels of Jesus' teaching and many followers as well as the leper being lowered through the roof to get closer to Jesus and ask for healing. Warrior took one look at the illustration and asked if the man on the stretcher had been "...hit by a car?"...and then wondered if esus was going to hit we talked of the healing power through the Holy Spirit given to us, just as Jesus did. And, he proceeded to heal Mascot...good ol' boy. Putting his learning into practice, indeed!

Warrior learned all about number 13 tody. With the help of Sesame Street collection from Teacher's childhood days, thanks Grandmother, he found hidden 13s and learned about Ernie's red balloon disaster!

Right after another chapter in Mattie Mae, Math brought Student seatwork and story problem creating. We used Hotwheels today! If Student has 10 cars and so many go into the field, how many are left at the farmhouse? Student had fun with that! Reviewing 1/3, and 1/4 of a whole group the fractions completed our work. It was outside that we finished with a test and speed drills! Her fastest time of 46 seconds was on her last practice.

US History was read by Student today. We read a narrative of an 80 year-old widow and her trek from one colony to another. It's fun for Stduent to think about times without roads, bridges and cars! What strides have been made in this country, and not by our merit, but the grace and love of God. Thanks, Lord for your constant forgiveness and blessings in this country.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Music

Yes, violin practice was scheduled, as many days at the Homeschool, but what is more exciting than an instrument one plays day-in and day-out? Mascot's toy xylophone! Toy + Student's Ear= Joy to the world! What fun for a Monday!

It must have been the rainy forecast that forced the spring-cleaning desire to come alive at the Homeschool today. Student and Warrior respect-cleaned the living room, organized ans sorted the family movies...
"Well, I'd say the grown-up movies go on the bottom because we don't watch those very much. And, the kid movies in the middle and the Veggie Tales on the top. We're done!" This of course took place after Warrior exited the cabinet the movies are stored in. It was just his size, but never noted before as it was always full! Oh how fun is cleaning, it gives new perspectives to all!

Warrior was on duty in the dining room, and he was thrilled to detox the table from all of the sneezing lately...

Onto balancing bean bags upon heads, loading laundry into machines, folding quilts and shining the ever-dreaded STUDENT ROOM!

After seeing Principal for lunch Student and Teacher sat in the quiet to read of Colonial Life. Our History Thoughts from Student:
"It's so crazy that people treated the slaves badly just because God designed their skin to be in the sun. It's sad that families couldn't stay together. But I am glad that I don't have to wear the clothes those fancy ladies wore. You couldn't climb a tree, really."

Reading was completed through the daily local newspaper. Teacher isn't in favor of this again in the near future. But it was quite sweet that Student's humor connected with Garfield! Otherwise she thought it was a total waste...
"Why isn't the city asking if they should buy the van? Who says what they can buy? Weird that the people in the city don't even know what is going on." And maybe the Homeschool should venture to the next city hall meeting, we haven't been since Student was 3 and we were rallying for support of the neighborhood park we now enjoy.

Math pushed the problems up to four addends and introduced the even and odd numbered addresses on each side of the street. Student wondered what the big deal was, but completed the exercise anyway.

Bible and Spelling completed our Homeschool day. Student wanted to know when she could have a letter grade on her paper. Teacher usually talks out the questions with Student until she can correct them. But this time we changed it up and Student corrected AFTER the letter grade was she earned a 60%, D. She smiled and said THANKS!

It was NOT our typical rainy day, as we haven't watched any movies and only had minimal computer time and reading. No puzzles, just LIVING ROOM SOCCER...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Fantastic Friday

Beginning with Jesus' first miracle during His time on earth, Student switched up with Teacher and read aloud instead of listening this time. She picked 2 new vocab words:
guest of honor

We talked about being careful choose to do things with all your might if you're choosing to do them, and not being heartless. Rituals we partake in that we MUST also take heart in:
eating meals
safely traveling
blessings of health

Other than that, we called it a HALFIE and headed to the park for picnic and friends!
Thanks be to God our Father for Fridays of good health!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday Things to Read

Beginning our morning of learning in Warrior's bedroom as he had his separate computer turn,
Mascot wanted his share of the flag-holding duties for pledges.

Trying to do her Spelling list of special sounds dge as in fudge, ch as in chorus and suffix review, Mascot was right in on the seatwork as well.

Pinkalicious was the first of the day's Reading. All from Student to Warrior, Teacher listened to their words from the other room. God's ways of making the little things work, is the heart of Homeschool. So often big plans are the focus, and as in life, it's the little daily things that are making it all worthwhile.

Reading also took place at the library. As we left the Homeschool for Student's first lesson back after sickness, we thought to make an afternoon of outings in the sun! Riding bikes from place to place, Student was readying her legs for soccer while Warrior is focused on readying his muscles for tee ball come summer!

Again, the little things, like walking as buddies, times of sibling togetherness that result inn love. Only God could orchestrate such peace out of sibling chaos!

Working together in playtime at the park, we knew our afternoon was fading and we must return to the Homeschool for seatwork. And once arrived, Student worked on Mathematics and wrote her sweet kite story and read it aloud:
Sally's Kite
One day Sally got a kite for her birthday!
She went outside to play with it.
She ran out to fly it it went up into the sky.
"Oh!!! Look mom the kite went into the tree!" the kite got stuck. DADDY! got the lattr
DADDY! can reach it! HooRay DAD saved the Day!!! By Student

Reading also from The American Revolution from A to Z, Warrior wanted to answer each question with a sure bet of an answer: George Washington. Every question, every answer throughout the reading. Now that's just like the sure answer in Sunday School:Jesus! He's got it down.

Finishing the day reading from Fancy Nancy A to Z Fancy WOrds, Student has a favorite for today: Z is for Zany. Daddy is zany!
Speaking of Principal, the kids created some springtime Art for him. List of needed suuplies:
pink cotton balls
white cotton balls
They let their bunnies hop to be with Principal at work and smiled as they left a trail of cut paper, broken crayons and glue puddles behind...