Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Friday Construction

Voting to have sewing FIRST on our list of lessons today, Student and Teacher got to work while Mascot & Warrior directed the trains on the track in their room.

Repurposing an old jean skirt of Student's, Teacher has used it to patch many a pair of jean. But, there was more than enough, as Student reported, to make a dress for Rebecca! Again, that resourceful girl just amazes Teacher at her likeness of her Creator.

Cutting, stitching, toothbrushin...and Student's handwork on the buttons that were already prepped with holes from the jean skirt closure at the waist...and Rebecca had her FARM DRESS, as Student named it!

Then, after Teacher realized just HOW MUCH time had passed, she lead Activity for P.E. and Mascot followed directions quite well!

Student and Warrior decided to argue over who used which blue mat today...

And so, that left little time for seatwork, so Student took over.

Stepping right in and helping those around her. Using her Spiritual gift of Teaching, and womanly virtue of bossing, she was the key to completing our learning day!

After Student gave a summary of their learning, she and Warrior joined Teacher in the kitchen for cookie dough!

The cookies must be around here somewhere...

Thursday Skills

Because there will be a day that Student does NOT live with her parents, she is learning how to clean and rearrange her living quarters. Though she hasn't exhibited any excitement at the thought of leaving campus, she HAS shown genuine impatience to decorate without parental input!

Pacing-off her bed that Principal built, she measures it 10.5 Student feet.

No, that's not the quilt her mothered labored over for her bed...she takes turns with her Auntie Ang comforter from a few Christmases ago...and how delighted she is to swap whenever she feels the mood! What a blessing, Auntie, thank you.

And hoping to switch-a-roo the bed and shelf beloved Principal also made the first summer after she graced God's earth with her girly smiles and laughter, naturally wrapping him around her pinky...it measured 11 Student feet.

Well, onto plan B that will have to wait til tomorrow, as time passes and Student needs complete her Math test and Speed Drills.

Being her first timed-test with an addition chart, she wasn't sure about the step-up. She then recanted and asked that she try it with some extended time, though she finished well under the 120 second limit! Way to go Student!

Heading back downstairs, Student took a break to churn a movie!

Teacher loved that toy as a child, and now the next generation enjoys it as well!

Student read aloud the daily Psalm as Warrior patiently awaited the cross-reference Art assignment that included the Armor of God...and yes, he completed it. Boyish in every way.

Student, on the other hand, made hers into a girl!

Not to leave Warrior out from camera targeting today, guess he just moved too fast!

Quietly awaiting his turn, Mascot sat to read with Teacher before the afternoon sun lost it's warmth through the window.

Because there's no place like home, we thank GOd we have one that protects,
warms, and is placed in a country in which we can educate in this nest.
God is good! All the time He is good! Amen.

What else did Teacher expect!? Her design of clothing is non-stop! Guess we'll have to end with Joan of Arc!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Wednesday Dirt

Ask Student, the day wasn't particularly dirty, but she insisted on wearing her apron all the day long, anyhow! Being that it's polka-dot, Teacher was also in favor! Thanks to Auntie Paige for the gift!

From Spelling seatwork of word-picture assignments...

to Health review...

and even jumping rope in P.E. Student learned a lesson in versatility, that girl is soooo resourceful!

Even Mascot enjoyed the activity. He's developing his rope-turning skills daily!
And Warrior is finding every way possible to include bouncing in each session.

Though bouncing-stretches aren't recommended for people of all ages, but his bones seemed to do just fine.

No matter the day, or subject, both Warrior and Student like making use of the magnadoodle and having couch-school.

Finally, to the dirt-of-the-day! Student's apron came in handy when she painted and then when we mixed up some focaccia bread for supper.

Who would be able to tell the kids no when they ask for half of the dough to be breadstix and the other to be dessert pizza? Again, that resourcefulness is a genuinely useful lesson in all things! Shall we call it a day at the Homeschool? Indeed!

Thanks to the King of Kings for lavishing us with His love in so many ways. In the powerful name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tuesday Sewing

Teacher woke up bitten by the sewing bug.
Not being the only one on campus to have been bitten,
the day began with fun before facts!

Even Principal helped Student & Warrior get started with their morning sewing gig.

Student begin reading the directions of her Christmas kit from American Girl Crafts.
Having began the small owl for her Rebecca doll, she completed it and decided to wait to begin the larger owl for herself.

Warrior got out the Student's old machine, that was handed down to him...pink and all. But, give a boy a motor and he will run with it. And what better skill to win him the affection of the super-wife Teacher has been praying for, than a sewing man!

Yes, Mascot will be next-in-line for the needle-guarded machine! For now, Warrior practices with paper and announced that today's sewing session yielded a

And lastly, of the created sewing projects today, Teacher
Used scraps and designed a much-needed coin purse for her use.

It's after this morning of sewing that all thanked God for time, food, and finished with seatwork. Because it is His establishing of our hands that is desired, may the Homeschool strive to complete this god work He has begun, in just His way and His timing. AMen.

Monday Magnets

From the table to the mud porch,
from paper to metal...

the magnet board resides there and
offered magnet letters for all today.

Spelling kicked up a notch, because everybody appreciates a new look at something old.

Warrior practiced adding new beginning sounds to the same middle and end sound...while Student unscrambled Spelling words.

Back to the table for continued cursive writing, and cutting.

Remember, Teacher, that Student takes after Principal and can learn most anything new the FIRST time it is introduced! And so Warrior, being 4 can learn, too. However, each and every student is made by their Creator in a unique and perfect image of Him...so a NEW cursive letter per day may NOT be realistic...okay?

Being at the table doesn't exactly mean sitting, though, just to clarify, Teacher.

For Bible lesson Student & Warrior ended with the 3 in 1 song and bounced while singing.

Prizes for seatwork completed within the allotted time were given...and then enjoyed during the last of our work before Activity time in PE.

Stretching, jumping jacks, push-ups and sit-ups all
followed by Student & Warriors obstacle course.

All that for a day full of indoor time, as the snow continues, and the temp drops.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Special Principal Party

Because a birthday only comes once a year...


God has richly blessed us with your presence, care and constant compassion.
You, Principal, are a blessing to us.

Friday Celebration

Yes, in all of the many reasons to celebrate a FRIDAY in general,
the Homeschool got a taste of Kansas for it's 150th birthday
with a celebration Friday and Saturday!

Who doesn't need another reason to fall in love with the ways of the Midwest?

Persevering with patience for a good old wagon ride will bring a smile to anyone!

Surprise blessings of 72ยบ weather meant PE was outside!

Problem solving like pros, Student and Warrior opted to stretch on the park tables rather than the itchy grass.

Baseball and park sprawling for all!
However, Teacher didn't dare attempt to pitch AND balance the camera,
so the images are before and after our game...with flip-flops
and SNOW to complete the outing!

Finishing up our indoor lessons with a Kansas flag project,
all were blessed by God's lavishing us with sunshine.

As He is good, He is so good to us in so many ways,
we give Him thanks.