Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Monday Before

Before spring break comes,
there should be self-disciplined teachers
and students completing the
lessons in their planners...

When given the choice of reading or laundry,
Student chose reading...first.

Choices, choices...these are the things of life.

As for Warrior,
he put on a smile and his thinking cap to complete a puzzle BEFORE reading.

Teacher is delighted in the differences that God instilled in each of them when knitting them together. As reading usually comes first for Student, Warrior would rather get some fist-pumping action on with each puzzle-piece that connects!
Hulk style, of course!

Among his other assignments, Warrior chose to peek ahead in his self-led Art projects. Since he is a summer baby, he anxiously is awaiting the coming of the next season and his birthday. So, in spirit of SUMMER, here's Uncle Sam!

And what's that bushy beard one may ask?

Teacher's stash of poly stuffing makes all things great!

Surviving seatwork, Student is rather encouraged by the tidbits of information in
Math as she began the World Unit.

And with eyes on the spring break prize, Student journals of her excitement to leave the campus!

Lord, grant us the patience to complete the task at hand, with all our might, as we await our roadtrip. Amen.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Halfie

Blame Teacher and her passion: sewing.
Homeschool Halfie today!

Not just any project, but an experiment!

And really, while seatwork had it's place with Student, Mascot found himself creating, too!

Is there a rule that SHARP objects don't get into the hands of a toddler?
Well, he was learning about patterns, and he's a stunt man, really.
Not to say that Principal condoned this pattern exercise, because he did NOT!

As for Warrior, he graduated from his short vowel books and Mrs. Tonya would be so proud!

Teacher sensed a bit of pride from Warrior himself, as he lay the books out in order.

Hes almost beginning to show Kindergarten potential! Maturity and all!