Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Friday

April it is.

And there is no shortage of seatwork.
Seatwork for Teacher.

Seatwork for Warrior.

Seatwork for Student.

Seatwork for Mascot.

Whew! Principal is doing his fair share of seatwork at his office today. Too bad we can't sit together for seatwork. But, then again, that's when talking work seems to prevail!

Hands-on with the measuring tools and estimation.

Goodbye to the week, and hello to the weekend. God is good. Rest is in store for the Homeschool, indeed.

Thursday Together

Together and off campus,
the eyes spies...


Cement goo.

Spring blooms.

Morning school means afternoon fun!

Wednesday Dirt

Because the promises of our Heavenly Father
stand true, planting begins.

As spring is bound to come, the garden work begins inside with Student, Warrior and Mascot
each providing their skills in a group effort:

water: check.
seeds: check.
dirt: check.

Let's do this thing!

Alongside the dirt,
praises fill the air.

From piano to voice,
the Homeschool belts it!

Seatwork for all, and all for seatwork...right?

Not all feel that way, but each does their share...
or tries to escape before doing so.

Tuesday Cold

Cold that can't last forever.

It's a promise from the Creator.

Seasons change.

Waiting with a hand ready to wave,
spring is welcome
at the Homeschool.