Monday, October 25, 2010

Thursday Play

This was yet another, NO CAMERA, day!

Taking off time to help move Grandmother to another town, and cooperate as a FAMILY, the task at hand was difficult, but The good Lord made it happen!

Wednesday, Last

Oh, Teacher remembers THIS day.

Another case of THE MISSING CAMERA.

We learned, we absorbed, we rested.

Tuesday, Last

Yes, the Homeschool has continued daily life and learning, it's Teacher recording such fun that is going to HAVE to somehow get done!

A week ago, hmmm, what WAS going on...

Oh, yes, Teacher remember Tuesday as Bedschool Day!

Warrior and Student promptly began their days with life skills. Having their beds made, teeth brushed and clothing on, it made for a nice gathering in Warrior's room for Bedschool Day.

Reading, praying for our country, and math complete with manipulatives...

Mascot on the other side of the room, he and his baby got along quite well.

Cooking up muffins, of the gluten-free variety for Student's enjoyment, the Homeschool learned in a fruity environment of bananas AND strawberries!

Still using the broken SALT shaker that Mascot dropped, Teacher knows that our treasures are in Heaven, and is trying to GET OVER it's broken lid!

Enough muffins for even Principal to enjoy, it was break-time and to recess they went!

Finishing up our lessons and beginning Social Studies in the back yard in the playhouse, Warrior enjoyed this new addition to the Homeschool.

As Warrior completed His health unit this week, he began Social as well.
Onward, to the finish line goes the Homeschool! Thanks, God!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Merry Monday, Last

Indeed! By His grace and strength and TIME MANAGEMENT,
the Homeschool was given much and accomplished much, today!

Warrior began his lessons early with the magnet board.
He is reading so well! Teacher loves watching him surprise himself!
He has been choosing the middle sound, the vowel, and Teacher will add the beginning and the end his first word read today...GAS! His short vowel memorization has been successful with the song that Student taught him.

He burst into excitement and thought to bring Astro Boy into the lesson and wanted to spell the name of their fighting robot: Zog. And he did just that!

Warrior is focusing on sorting and counting groups, however, he's NOT satisfied with theses exercises because he notices Student adding, and so shall he!

Student has been having her Reading journal time as a self-lead lesson. Her sentence structure has suffered, and so Teacher spent some review time on Grammar.
Complete sentences with correct beginning, middle and ending.
Subject/Predicate, capitalization, and punctuation...and oh how she was soaking it all back into that thorough brain. But when it was time for her to write her four complete sentences, she asked Teacher to stay beside her! Oh, the love of a Student for their Teacher...fulfilling when God knows the cup of Teacher is running dry!

Mr. Bouncer invited Mr. Tod over. Mr. Tod stole the baby rabbits! Peter found the rabbits! Now they are safe.

And also in her writing today, Student combined her most-missed Spelling words into a short and funny blurb.

A hungry man ate a ugly puppy for lunch on a sunny day. He struck the other pup.

And in the news, Current Events, Student opened the latest snail mail update from Samaritan's Purse about their March 2nd 2011 marathon in Georgia. Teacher is tempted and MUST talk to Principal! Their Turn the Tap ministries is bringing clean water allover the continent of Africa.

Science brought Student to the design of the beaver. His work, his purpose, group working skills and tender heart taught Student this:
Work hard and faithfully.
Take good care of things you have.
Work together with neighbors.
Help those around you in times of trouble and danger.
Help those less fortunate.

SHe even compared webbed feet to non...

Whatever else Student completed, it involved Reading. This love of hers is growing, as we thank God and pray it rubs off on Warrior and Mascot!

Friday Field Trip

Some friends.

Some animals.

Some sunshine.

Some bomb pops.

No camera. But oh, was the zoo so fine.

Thursday Play

Socialization. That's the number one argument when home educating is presented in a conversation. Really! Among all of the disagreements out there, the Homeschool can handle this one, no problem.

As most families we adore have MORE than three kiddos like, the Homeschool, we find opportunities to play and SOCIALIZE quite oft. TOday just happened to be one of those opportunities!

Beginning the crew with their listening skills, their order of instructions and cooperation proved true with the making of PUMPKIN PIE CHEX MIX!

The Barn Sale that Teacher recently participated in was the inspiration for this recipe... thanks, Miss Beki.

And after much running,
and eating... the Homeschool's socialization lesson was complete!

It was Grandmother who furnished the afternoon Geography lesson. Locating Mongolia on the globe and closely-eyeing the popcorn, the Homeschool sat down for an international delight:
The Story of the Weeping Camel.

Calling a halfie and finishing up with more activity outdoors, it is official:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Welcome Autumn!

The weather is too welcoming to learn inside the walls of the Homeschool.
To the park they go.
Each on two wheels, helmets atop heads,
and feet cycling with excitement...
and the geese joined us!

Warrior demonstrates his skills for some newcomers to the climbing wall...

Student works on her ever-developing mothering skills, and she does so with such grace...

The park equipment was only fun the Student had...

Her jumping rope chart topped out with 7 JUMPS today.
We'll see what the rest of the week brings!

Knowing that the day is passing, and seatwork is calling,
the Homeschool headed home...

One block in 10 minutes isn't the usual travel speed of Warrior, however, his back tire was drastically flat. It was just another bolck further that God arranged a couple out on their porch for an afternoon sunning. We kindly asked and they kindly offered their air compressor. Really, the details, Lord, thank you for your care!

It was just two blocks further that Warrior's tire was completely flat, again. Not taking our usual path to the park, the Homeschool ended up in the front yard of some family from church.
Why did this path get taken?
Why were they home and offering to take the kiddos in the van with their bikes home, while Teacher and Mascot rode home solo?
Why did the most giving people of the whole town have a home on 5th street?
Because God is good, and this is part of the good
He brings in all situations not-so-good! Praise Him!

Back at the Homeschool...

Reading is always a part of Student's day.
With Warrior...

With Mascot...

With a book for sure, and anyone else who will join the fun!

ascot joined the Math fun, as even his little hands love the manipulatives!

Student continued with her solid shape learning, and reviewed

Using her fraction language, she had learned quarter til/after last year, but her brain had a hard time remembering it, and she added the half fraction to the mix, also. This was frustrating, but she persevered and agreed to work on it daily.

Bible lesson in Genesis, still. Warrior wondered about Joseph and his brothers... he really doesn't understand the thought of a parent loving one sibling more than another. PRAISE GOD!
And when talking of the food Joseph was instructed to store-up for the famine, he wondered about our pantry storage in the basement!
But if we open our food, the spiders will be in it! They will want us to share!

Blessings of daily renewing of the mind through the learning He has established with our hands. Amen.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Student worked on herself-lead Art this last Monday, and Teacher forgot to post THIS! Adition of fabric is a Homeschool personal touch! THat's our Student, not ever completing the minimum!

Japanese Fall Lantern.

Tuesday Anew

With the overflowing cup, the Homeschool welcomed new books and manipulatives today. Mascot carried them just like lil Red Riding Hood. Over the carpet and through the house, he was quite the busy boy!
The source: God
The channel: Oregon Homeschool

Student dug into the books and spend an hour in The Rooster Crows. Her favorite rhyme: Teddy Bear Teddy Bear...and so we put the new jumprope to use and tried the skipping rope rhyme out! Student has been keeping a jumping rope chart this week, and so we just got extra practice! Ans since our newly acquired skills weren't much to post in a video, we posted some inspiration for our future practices!

Really, when the Math curriculum says it's a NEW CONCEPT, Student complains that she already knows it. She keeps wondering when it's going to get harder...guess God gave some a love for fractions, and Teacher should be thankful! As she is a breeze to instruct, there are no complaints here! We brought Warrior into the money lesson today, and all went well with the coins and bills.

In her daily chores, Student has moved up to the level of folding her own clothes, as well as her familiar putting away in her room. She was enthusiastic in her FIRST load, and Teacher can't wait to show her the new machine workings! She'll be ready to move out in no time! Oh, wait! There's still finances, cooking, driving, and so many more lessons from on high before that time comes...and so the learning continues!

(If Teacher can get through the finance material then it should begin as soon as Warrior's health unit is complete next week. But, these plans have been laid since Teacher's hope is in the Lord!) AMEN

Warrior really was present today. Handwriting, Awana memorizaion, Reading NUT and WET and working yet more on his name...the camera just missed out on him today. Maybe since he missed his routine nap, he was quite the mover and shaker...thus the camera wasn't fast enough to catch him!

Mascot, on the other hand, is a roamer. A wanderer content in his aiding the others with learning and then discovering the big backyard all on his own.

Lord in heaven,
may a deep reverence and love for You and Your ways color everything our children do and every choice they make, and every path they take. Amen
Stormie Omartian, Power of a Praying Parent

Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Inspiration

Truly, the presence of Principal brings a whole new dynamic to the Homeschool. What a treat today! His being home from running a half marathon with Teacher was both for mental and physical recovery. However, it's the time shared that brings unity in the Homeschool.

Each of the kiddos had time to spend just with Principal.

Mascot read a book, or two.

Warrior colored his Bible Seatwork with the help of Principal's TWO hands. He's ambidextious and can color a page in no time!

Student got away from campus and through the woods to witness the falling rain and the presence of God's love surrounding her time with Principal.

Other than these special times, games kept Warrior busy. Go fish, matching, Yatzee, or Dotzee so he says.

The Homeschool prayed their Prayer for America today. These states included Maine and Maryland. Student guided Warrior in locating these on the map, and he used his Phonics skills to sound out which was which!

Mascot, just wanted to be in the middle of the action!

Sitting atop the table and the map...

And that diligent Student began another unit in Health and continued in Spelling. A few new words that brought her trouble were:

So, she played CHAIN the WORD on the magnet board for extra practice! Test to come soon!

Reading and summarizing in her journal, Student says there isn't much to say about Saint Mary Magdelene. She was a friend of Jesus, and she was there with Him ...through much. What a friend. Oh, if we can learn to be a good friend to those God puts in our path, this would be a lesson worth learning at the Homeschool, indeed!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Frog-Jumping

Yes, this was the game that earned Student her chocolate chips during Math class today. On the same hand, the Homeschool has been hopping around so much this week, even the doctor's office received us.

Mascot found Student's curling iron surprisingly hot yesterday, and had to have his second degree burns checked today. Oh, thanks be to God that he did rest, finally, and he didn't mind going to the doctor, since smarties graced his tongue!

Student brought a bag 'o goodies to keep her busy and she crafted and cut this heart for the waiting room...scissors and all!

Re-wrapped and ready for dessert, Mascot has adapted well to his limited hand-movement.

Snack turned Math, that's how the Homeschool rolls. Fraction and symmetry review. Continuing into volume, she identified some rectangular solids, cubes and cylinders and collected them on the dining table.

Warrior had some phonics time on the magnet board. And it wasn't too long before he was eager to take it to the next level...superhero level! HOW DO YOU SPELL SPIDERMAN?

And sound it out, he did!

Student checked the mail between seatwork and found her long-awaited cereal prize...a Toy Story3 art set. Really, God has brought her a great deal of patience through this whole ordeal, and He brought NOT the bowl and cup she ordered, but something more-so taylored to her desires...

Oh the lessons of life, thank you Lord for directing our steps to the goal we have set before us. May this day be an honor and glory to You. Amen.

Thursday Travels

Rubber to the pavement,
plastic to the skulls,
away rolled the Homeschool on two wheels.

To the park for sun and shady lunch,


vitamin D,

and a life lesson in the fallen world...

Really, the Homeschool can't go ANYWHERE and NOT see someone who needs God's love. And the woman sleeping on the park bench in midday was no different. It's the love on the face of Student that draws up the desire in Teacher to want to share His love with a sleeping stranger.

After offering her a lemonade, she asked if we had a cigarette and replied no and blessed her day as we rode away. It was the LOSS OF LOVE in Student's face that taught the lesson today. What a fallen world gives is rarely loving, or thankfulness to those who show His love. But this should be a reminder that we don't GIVE to show others how good WE are, but to show others how good God is. Even if they don't want what we are offering, or snicker at our gestures...God is love. And without His presence in this fallen world, it would be uglier. Godbless that servant heart of Student.

Rolling along to the library and seatwork before Warrior's nap, the naptime mystery read was well received by Warrior. And why not, why not feel loved at home rather than at a public place. May we offer the love that God would have us offer our children: unconditional and never-ending. Amen.

Wednesday Invention

Really, what fun is recess when there is equipment designed to be used in a certain manner? Well, with creative kids at the Homeschool, they couldn't just SWING on the SWINGS!

First, a one-seater, then a two-seater.

Then, they stood on the skateboard and called it PLAYING VIDEO GAMES! Oh, how sweet it is that their version of gaming involves aerobic activity! Love those children's brains from God! Amazed, yes. Surprised, no. Everyday Teacher sees their brain in new light, and what an image of the Creator. In all things, may they glorify Him.

Inventing new games during recess was just the beginning of the fun! The Homeschool traveled to the church's local carnival!

From bean bag tosses...

to prize-earning directions...

The Homeschool had their share of fun, and then some!

Amidst the Bible lesson, Health unit, Handwrting and Phonics, the Awana scripture verses arise. Warrior is more interested this year than last. And what a growing season he is in. Calling his weekly time SCHOOL, he prizes his time with Mrs. Gilmore. Thanks to God for good friends and good teachers to trust the kiddos with.

From the backyard, to the classroom, He is with us where ever we go. He commands His angels to guard us in all of our ways, and we are thankful. Amen.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thanks to Principal, Tueasday Prevails

Tuesday. Hmmm. How shall we begin this day the Lord has made?

At the neighborhood park. With friends and a surprise visit from Principal, the morning came and went with much rowdy outdoor activity in the middle.

Home and filled with apple slices and almonds, the Homeschool dug into the books...and the metal! Thanks to Principal and the newly-installed washing machine, our metal workboard has been rediscovered! Warrior and Student helped Teacher create the beginning, middle and end sounds to form words for Warrior to READ! Yes, it's official, WARRIOR IS READING! ( And on the same right of passage note, Mascot is walking!) He feels so big, and Teacher takes no credit but that God is establishing the work of these hands. Warrior has been so eager for so long, and the decision to begin preschool with daily lessons was for him was only because of his desire to learn! Thanks, God!

And his illustrations in his Reading notebook are coming right along, as well. Today's picture depicts: Dad had a van. And the picture is the best Teacher could muster... as the camera is still MIA.

Also, notice the new banner atop the Homeshool blog? Thanks, again, to our Principal. He incorporated the drawings of both Student and Warrior. What a HERO he is!

After Math, and talk of money and 3D shapes, Student was instructed to read only ONE story in her Abeka Reader, and AFTER her summary was complete, THEN she could finish the other 10 stories! And so she did:
Maisy Mous
Maisy mous saw Tom cat was gone.
she went to the tabel and eat. she eat to much her belly hurt.
she thought she could take a walk but she did not see Tom cat!
she jumped into the hole! home at last.

Alas, the worst thing Student's mind is WRITING, and so Principal issued a decree insisting that more take place, and KAZOW! Just like that, Student's penmanship increased much! And as she read the story, the grammar was correct. So funny how the brain makes the connection between the written and the spoken. Thanks for all 5 senses, God. We shall use them more oft!

Blessings through our Bible lesson of twin boys today, and the unfaithful parenting styles of Isaac and Rebecca. All we know, is that Warrior & Mascot enjoyed the Bill COsby selection before nap, and the more books we read, the more their naptime decreases! Not sure if this is their motivation, or not!

Finishing up those verses for Awana tomorrow, the Homeschool prays that each child will guard their eyes, heart and ears. May that which God loves, they, too, grow to love. Amen.

Monday, a Week Later

Really, it was the thought of Student that the Homeschool would follow the year-round schedule of Cookson Hills. She thought it attractive to have breaks more often, and less downtown in a row during summertime.

It was Principal, however, who couldn't see a second grader willingly giving up much of a summer day once the summer day was in front of her...and so we met in the middle! WELCOME BACK HOMESCHOOL! One week off and back at it again!

We are truly an established school, as Principal installed our very own pencil sharpener!

It's a year and then some that we have dealt with broken pencils...but Warrior may of had more to do with that, since naturaly, a pencil makes a great arrow to catapult at siblings.

Teacher spent the last week preparing for a barn sale, and thus can't find the camera, in all the leftover sale items that haven't been sorted through. So as soon as the camera is found, there will also be a picture record of the happenings at the Homeschool.